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Turntribal Tales of The Tribe

In Amsterdam, DJ Plush is busy preparing his tribetable’s for the AMANTA MCARA working or the trans-time pitch shift shuffle routine.

The date is the 20th December 2012, and the co-ordinates have been calculated using ‘OSH: Space-Wave Zero’ software to squeeze back into the past. The tribetable games are about to begin with the launch of ‘our historys back’ and things are about to get very weird.

on July 31, 1936 a time-space portal or ‘holographic projection’ is constructed, enabling human beings alive and breathing at that time to be shifted into new orbits and share information, conceivably speeding up evolution through innovation and wisdom.

Preventing wars and replacing them with periods of innovation and shared Global development leads to wirless energy, solar energy, hemp fuel, and Global internet by 1984, all humanity are projected forwards from the point of view of living together with clean energy, co-operative sharing of resources, Global trade and tolerance for self ownership. Nations of sovereign self-owning ones.

The Tribetable Tales are the ‘stories’ spun from special disks that have been recorded, edited and reworked into a network of TTOTT events, an interactive Novel, a shared course, a new map for the ttott territory. The future seems pist. 

However, the Tribetable Tales traverse various medium’s and are presented in the form of poems, postcards, albums, posters and screenplay’s, and a Novel Novell published in light. Together these artefacts make up the coordinates for a multiple model of TTOTT, and the authors own process.