"he just went heeltapping through the winespilth
and weevily popcorks that were kneedeep round his own right
royal round rollicking toper's table, with his old Roderick
Random pullon hat at a Lanty Leary cant on him

Tribetablism v1.0

In November 2008, after relocating to Amsterdam I started work on what I thought would become my first Novel but soon transformed into a website and multimedia project including screenplays, video, poetry and a special principle that I have dubbed 'Tribetablism': In short an esoteric Turntable ceremony that enables the disk spinner to basically time-travel, and in my 'Tribetablism' Universe, the Disks are set for 1936 and a series of meetings and work outs between various characters from Dr. Wilson's tribe, mentioned at the back of his book TSOG, that I highly recommend you read again, and gain.

"In placing these striking and active images of notable personages on the wheel, Bruno is pursuing his aim of combining ithe classical art of memory with Lullism. The revolving wheels of the Lullian art have become the places for the reception of images.--Frances A. Yates. The art of memory, pg 219.


(from Open Source History)

"At length, E. K. was willed to go down into his chamber, and I did remain still at our Dineing Table till his return, which was within an hour or somewhat more. And at his return this he brought in writing....--John Dee, 420.

"Three things that must be done before you do anything: Discover who you are, discover where you re in the universe, take steps to clean up and order your environment so you can begin the conquest of your universe. -- Lon Milo Duquette


"If such power , as experience suggests, is
latent (though rarely Released) in the simplest words,
one would like to characterise the words More exactly.
Are they the oldest? They ought to be somehow the core
of Language, identifiable by tracing its history backward. –Hugh Kenner, The Pound Era, page 108.


The Altable method devised upon extensive travels around Europe over the last four years, is a new method retrofitted for the specific purposes of a literary based historical working - concerning characters and their dialogue - arranged and spliced with each other using the Altable.

The goal of building a NOVEL using the Altable method is just one use and one focused project to help launch the idea, afterall, the software coded, pressed and sealed into the disks can be whatever the Altable operator wishes to work with. Here i will explore some avenues of Altable technology as a scientific research tool, by deconstructing the components and then reasembling them using biological and human physiological metaphors.

Traces made upon the surface of a lake by a finn, leg or a wing or impressions found in mud or wet clay, impressions left by a foot or hoof, a hair or a finger are possible Altable processes impressed into the landscape and readable by a suitable stylus, amplification process.

Recordings of processes in nature are translated by linguistic metaphors into a tale for us to reinterpret, and then a new image. Spacetime binding creatures are cutting their way through a given medium leaving traces, made by objects and recorded by the objects that made them.

Balance (x), Tone (y), Volume (z).

Disk Templates:

Astrological Charts. Harmonic Musical Intervals and Chords. Enochian. Chinese Ideogramic. CNS RNA/DNA Genetic. Periodic Table. Mayan Dresden Codex. Beth Luis Nion.

Disk Mediums:

Wax. Clay. Wood. Glass. Metal. Stone. Pearl. Flesh. Papyrus. Fungus. Perspex. Vinyl. Cuttle Fish bone. Calcium.

Etching agents:

Saliva. Water. Spice Dyes. Blood. Sperm. Dew. Coconut milk. Chalk-Calcium. Toad-slime. Venom. Ink. Tears.


Fingers. Bones. Veins-cables. Hairs, Stems, Veins, Penis, snake, tongue, neck, limbs,Brush, Wand of fire. Totem. Table legs, SOUTH.

The tubular wand geometrical model of the Tribetable Universe itself: an elongated donut. A hollow Tube. An infinite string stretch off to infinity in both the macro and micro scales, putting human beings roughly mid way between these extreme conditions of the hollow halo. Within the secret chamber wells of each nerve, worm-hole, root, string, cable, tree trunk, and hair we find conditions and certain Oscillation rates depending on geometrical and other factors, that, are exploited and modified in various was by the microwand-phone of fire when in use.

The great totemacrophone contains the Altable Universe itself, or a scaled down copy of it, within its endless tube. (created by more mirrors and optical technology). The Butterly microphones or microphones with wings can flitter about the Altable area, or plug themselves into a nearby mixer interface. Redecorated as an attractive flower, where the tongue of the Butterfly links its hollow tube into a cosmology of inner blooming things. A collide-o-scope and phalanx of mysterious objects and beings as you will, for example.


Sockets. Mouth. Lungs. Skull. Nose Cavity. Boobs. Buttocks. Blow holes, mouth, coconut shell, jelly-fish, flowers.Pond Water. Mirror. Taste. Tongue. WEST.

The headphone Cups also attatch to the mixer interface like the macrophone, using a cable, vine-tube. They provide both audio and visual feedback windows into other timespaces under observation and manipulation. Used either together as stereo headphones that split a single character dialogue channel or macrophone recording or provide two further seperate screens that can either each play a stereo or mono channel.

Visually the Heaphone Cups double-up as doodle-goggles, the head strap that links the two hemispheres of the speaker-phones contain an organic liquid crystal screen that provides similar multi-stereo views and/or single editing windows, possibly used to animate specific characters and dialogue into the landscape space or scene. The headphone cups also have an attatchment that reaches into the mouth to access the tongue and taste centers for further attenuation and synesthesia of the senses. Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, Smell. Various frequencies and rhythms are programed triggers for associated gases, vapours and pheromones to be released in the vicinity of the altable.

(4). STYLUS:

Teeth. Tongue. Finger. Penis. Eyelash. Hairs. Sword, beak, tusk, claw, antennae, sting, tip, crystal, Calcium Build up, Icicle, to Cut to split with knife-blade, Stylus Cutting head, NOSE-AIR. East.

The cutting and etching function of the Altable styli’ combines with the electromagnetic pick-up stylus making a read/write sword/pen that encodes things made available from the internet of things, its groove signiture or scratch pattern is the code for accessing the web based archives and sound-image-chemical Shermon-Torrents. The Rhythm, the sound and the colour, the form? Within the realm of biological nature , the muck on your shoe, here we find cutting ants, hammering birds, clawing mammals, A walrus tusk stabbing at the ice, beavers teeth, maybe knawing upon logs and trees fallen in a river.


Waist. Neck. Eyeballs. Rotating Platform. Ball and Socket joint. Slices off the Tube donut. Tortoise. Disk Platter. Tank turret. Axis. Omnidirectional Spirit.

Each component of the rotating Altable device are constructed from a sub group of elements, from the periodic table of elelments, and so on into fields and deeper into spirits, winds and back to stars. A backtoback cosmology of the manifest Universe. Gas exchange and invisible forces as light as the wind animate the disks: Change and fluid Rotorio. The Revolutionary process of Change and becoming remains changed. The rotating platforms within the Altable Universe are spacetime-tables for the sound spirit to congress around.

The PIVOT. The axis and the vortex, the measurable rotational rates, torque and breaking settings enable extra manipulation of the software, combined with the operators editing wisdom. Placed within the context of the magickal pentagram of five elements, the rotational qualities of the Altable functions enable read/write activity utilizing the Stylus, when used in conjunction with a Microphone. With the addition of some in/out portals for the headphones cups and macrophone wand the Altable - when HYPERLINKED - consists of the 4 main elements and itself as the fifth.

MCGRAPHIC' Novel Landscapes can be read/written and interpreted - processed in novel ways, such as using an elaborate system of optics and mirrors that can map, translate and calculate the truly cosmic equations of Universe subtracted from itself, when attached to the rotating platform at a precise frequency based upon the frequency of a flashing strobe light. This strobe light addition to the Plush 9.0 Altable turns the device, effectively into an audio/visual projector. We at Joint Plush Labs work on the other side of time. MPHDJ Pattern identity based on the resolution of opposites.

* Tablet Run* Bat Runlet * Tablet Urn * NU Art Belt * Battle Urn * Terntabul* Tale Burnt * Battle Run

Neuro-chemical Info-genetics, and Nano-scale cognition constructors are areas of Altable research Plush currently finds interesting and suggests independent researchers, thinl again,and pursue cognitve language tools with research based experiments. Rhythm patterns transcend any given medium from sound through light to the sense of the matter. VIBRATIONS ensure a full spectrum of considerations when trying to measure gas.


“every external phenomena is like a dream, like a vision, like a bubble, like shadow, like dew, like lightning, and should be regarded as such’ –From the Diamond Sutra.

  • Aiwass Switch [TTT on/off]
  • RPM selector [33/3, 45, 78]
  • Plank Platter [Base]
  • Gyre Spindle [Axis pivot of Silver Birch composite]
  • Shannon Strobe Light [Illuminating beam & holo-guidance system]
  • Pro-skate Dirac dial [To adjust needle-groove coordinates]
  • Einstylus [Obsidian/Volcanic Sillica/Diamond tipped]
  • Compton Cartridge [Transform needle vibrations into electromagnetic]
  • Tone Arm [Straight or S-shape]
  • Hubble Height Adjust [Raise/Lower a Dimensional tone-army]
  • Newtons Crewing lever [Lifts/drops tone arm]
  • Maxwell Pitch Control [Sliding adjust control for fine key mixing]
  • Jung Junktion Box [Portal connextion to external devices]
  • Wiener Wireless Port [Facilitates wireless bluetooth communication]
  • Hamilton Feet [Four adjustable feet/wheels for mobile activity]
  • Parsons Fly’t Case [Watertight coffin for transportation in various environs]
  • Neumann Dust Cover [Retractable transparent protective shielding]


Disks contain nano-bio-cog information pressed and sealed for any particular altable working, in this case the 1936-2010 co-ordinates:

  • Disk 1. A-side: Giles Chase. B-side: R. Jacky Muller
  • Disk 2. A-Side: Ira Pod. B-Side: Carson Wools.
  • Disk 3. A-side: Cutler Bates. B-side: Manfred Humanski.
  • Disk 4. A-side: James Shermon. B-side: Sonny Bob.

Each disk has audio/visual information concerning a specific character and their networks within the tale. Their individual methods, drives, styles, forces cut the historical grooves into the present. The disks can be manipulated by the hands, feet, tongue or elbow of the MPHDJ operator.

Steering the Einstylus needle to intersecting points in spacetime, producing conversational fragments and bits of communication. Spin-back or forwards produce sound bites or map coordinate to be interpreted by the operator. By lifting the stylus-sword off and out of the groove and moving it along to the next track can produce a dimensional shift. The method of cutting and editing 'on-the-fly' with dialogue disks is under daily modification, and requires preparation and tedious disciplinary exercises to remain relative.

The method builds toward an efficient way to analyze any sentence or sequence of words in a novel creative Tribetablist' way, and so opening the gates of perception to new arrangements and possibilities. The table top design was a John Disk/Esther Trippleknit piece crafted from bio-organic components, as to perfectly intersect with the operators tribetable tools, and co-ordinate the historical characteristics under investigation.

Roughly the size of a squared pool table, the four legs of the altable are each individual tribetable Totems themselves consisting of heads and self regenerative designs stacked upon each other, to form correspondence with the other three legs and Hamiltonian Qarternion Mechanics.


The first tools used are the Picture-Disks that consist of 4 double sided 11 inch wax sigils, each placed upon the four corners of the table in their corresponding elemental positions, while the keystone disk sits in the middle like a panopticon.

The second tool used is the Brush Microphone Wand BMW which functions as a multipurpose - rod shaped object - made up of different species of wood lamenated together. The wand has a tiny microphone speaker embedded within the tip and Ostrich hairs held in the opposite end which can be used for applying various textured and colored media. To anything at the table.

The third tool is an elaborately carved diamond tipped Toad-Fly stylus sword, the diamond tipped stylus needle is held by a silver cast fruit fly, which in turn is held in place by the tongue of a Gold cast Toad, the toad serves the function of the traditional stylus cartridge, the fly’s proboscis acts as the tip of the needle.

The fourth of theTribetable tools are the speaker drum cups. These fit into the table at critical nodes to process, amplify, translate, and mirror the signals they receive and transmit. Together, these tools and their correspondences within the historical tale, present a new-structure for the Novel to unfathom for itelf in the later editing and re-arrangement processes.

The Altable-Tribetable itself becomes a fifth element. The center piece of the research tabaltar, which all the other tools plug into in various ways at various moments modifying their function in imaginative ways. Beneath the material realm of mechanical and electromagnetic components an assortment of biological nano-scale chlorophyll projectors, tiny engines and processors are spewing liquid crystal coated spore-bricks and lucerferin inside micro-micro-droppers. Together the tiny machines read and write information from the symbol systems rotated beneath the plank scale to make Nano-Graff RSS feeds to the sub atomic realms.

Millions of Delicate and tiny photons are dispersed from the rim of the rotating platter called tsar-bits, the diamond tipped styli make analogous cuttings of these bits, calculated by using astrological coordinates, these processes continue way down beneath the range of natural human vision. The various maps, charts, and symbols systems from each of the major historical characters fit onto the platter area for the operator to manipulate, modulate, amplify, set into phase, make stereo, cut-up again, juggle, scribble, rewind, juggle, scratch.

The Tribtable itself turns the Microphone, Disks, Stylus, Speakers (MDSS), and these FIVE ELEMENTS outline the functional tools used for creating a TTOTT timespace machine.

  1. 30 seals
  2. RAW360
  3. aleister crowley
  4. alfred korzybski
  5. amsterdam
  6. audio
  7. c.g jung
  8. cantos
  9. claude shannon
  10. coldcut
  11. collaborative fiction
  12. cosmic trigger
  13. coursework
  14. cybernetics
  15. decentralized and rotational
  16. dodecahedron
  17. email to the tribe
  18. ernest fenollosa
  19. erwin schroedinger
  20. eternal return
  21. ettt
  22. ezra pound
  23. f for fake
  24. finnegans wake
  25. fly agaric 23
  26. flyagaric23
  27. friederich nietzsche
  28. giambattista vico
  29. giordano bruno
  30. global village
  31. hermetic style
  32. hologramic prose
  33. hyperintelligence
  34. icosahedron
  35. ideogramic method
  36. illuminati
  37. illuminatus! trilogy
  38. internet
  39. interview
  40. jack sarfatti
  41. james joyce
  42. john coltrane
  43. john lilly
  44. john sinclair
  45. john von neumann
  46. ken campbell
  47. konnakol
  48. lull wheels
  49. lulu
  50. magick
  51. maps
  52. marshall mcluhan
  53. maybe logic
  54. maybe logic academy
  55. maybe logic quarterly
  56. nlp
  57. norbert wiener
  58. novel
  59. ontology
  60. open source history
  61. orson welles
  62. osh
  63. palm springs
  64. pentagram
  65. philip k dick
  66. planetary sociology
  67. plush
  68. poetry
  69. prophets conference
  70. r. buckminster fuller
  71. recorso
  72. redundancy of information
  73. robert anton wilson
  74. saul paul sirag
  75. schroedinger's cat trilogy
  76. screenplay
  77. sex
  78. sixty
  79. steve fly
  80. steven pratt
  81. syllabic pyramid
  82. synchronicity
  83. tailors
  84. tales
  85. teachings
  86. television
  87. terence mckenna
  88. tetrad of media effects
  89. textation
  90. the tale of the tribe
  91. timothy leary
  92. tribetable
  93. ttott
  94. turntable method
  95. ulysses
  96. wikileaks
  97. wilhelm reich
  98. william butler yeats
  99. william s burroughs
  100. youtube