A court room chamber is the setting for an evaluation of some individuals from the ETTT tribe. The trial's goal is to introduce and give voice to characters from history.

TTOTT Trial v.1 (taken from the Novel SIXTY)

Richard inched forward one more step towards the giant golden scales, his genius suspiciously dormant in his silence, yet his thoughts sparkled like lightening behind his eyelids. Richard struggled to make out the scene before him. Like Stargate SG-1 meets M.C Escher in a hall of mirrors.

Richard's heart was projected as a 3D hologram onto a weighing scale that itself was balanced on the other side by a Ostrich feather. In turn the scale was spread out over Richard's shoulders like a cross. Large figures loomed in the background like oversized birds of prey.

Plush stepped into the chamber about 10 feet from Richard and watched him holding up the scales on his back like a Russian power lifter.

"Thothttott" Richard said, in a deep booming voice that resonated around the chamber.

"Thothttott" Plush replied, twisting his eyebrows through his long fingers.

Richard’s shoulders were curved like a banana, slightly bruised and red like a tomato Plush thought.

"Thothttott" Richard said again, now struggling to take the weight and stumbling to keep upright on the spot.

"tale-of-the-tribe, TOTT" Richard said, his voice weakened by the scales.

Jake crawled past the iron gate and to the edge of the star-shaft where it met the chamber and poked his head out the end. He drops a green sack onto the floor, jumps down into the chamber and opens the bag to reveal five fish (Egyptian mouth-breeder's) and quickly places the fish into Richard's gapping, foaming mouth. Jake is distracted by a winged figure hovering in space a few inches above Richard's head. Plush focuses his view, and squints at the tail tucked into Jake’s trousers.

"I imagine my heart upon the scale, and guess the weight of the general heart, not lightly" Plush said, gazing at the hieroglyphics carved into the walls that seemed to be depicting what was happening to them, while helicopters hovered above and submarines swam below.

"othttott anguage vs. othttott quation ezsured by 'ese ales." Richard said with a mouth full of fish.

Plush registered every wince and sigh that Richard made as his heart was interrogated and profiled by the great old ones, or the Sixty, whatever they were.

'Maybe we have the body, this body, as a reliable object of scientific study, opposed to the 'imaginary' ideas of the mind?" Richard said, with a bewildered look of concern on his face.

'To weigh the general heart of history, the characters and their deeds, the thothttott; and transmit them into the headspace, how we do" Richard said, having removed the mouth breeders and placed them in a bowl of water.

Richard's shoulders shrug and touch his ears, self-composed he sits like a stalk inside the chamber, looking at the Hieroglyphics figuring out what happens next.






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