An experimental writing exercise whereby I weave objects loosely connected with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The results are currently undergoing revision. Please hold the line while we try to connect you.

OX – ‘Santa’
CAMEL - 'Shaman'
SERPENT – ‘Hawk Guardian of the well’

The Ox (Aphle) entered the old barn house (Beth), followed by his sleigh master; The camel (Gimel). Both enter through the front door (Daleth), and leave shortly after eating fresh berries and other dainties, out the back window (He).

The Ox scratched his leg on a nail (Vau) protruding out from the window frame. He thought of as using the nail as a weapon (Zayin) to add to his cache' lying outside in the garden enclosure (Cheth). A large serpent's (Teth) claw-hand (I Yod) holds onto an Oxgoad (Lamed) in the oil-well (Mem) where salmon fish (Nun) support (Samekh) it.

(The camel-steersman faces the serpent in the Old garden). First the eye (Qoph) and then the mouth (Pe) are pierced by a fishing hook (Tzaddi), surprisingly unleashed by the Hawk-Serpent which then slides into the back of the Camels head (Resh), and removes the skull like a Marshmallow. Finally the hook pops out of the Camel's front tooth (Shin).

The Ox draws the sign of the cross (Th Tau), and the Pentagram and the Hexagram in the air, launching into a ‘Christmas Spasm--one eye popping out, his hair turning to sea urchin spikes and all his veins and skin pigments turn rigid and tuff like leather--but the fury and strength of OX could not overcome the Serpent Hawk powers that enabled it to change shape whenever ‘OX’ did strike with his most powerful magical weapons. The battle continued long into the night under starlight.

Under review: November 2010/September 2011.


The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the building blocks of creation. This section of our website contains excerpts from Harav Ginsburgh's classic book, //The Hebrew Letters: Channels of Creative Consciousness//.
Click here to read an excerpt from the introduction to The Hebrew Letters.
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Click on a letter to read about the meaning of its name, its form (shape), and its numerical value (gematria).

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