The 'I' In the Triangle.

Part 1: Listen to audio clip, and send some feedback, if you want ;-)

Do some stretching, maybe go out for a walk, listen again.

I was inspired to post the audio clip due to RAW's mention of the 'Hermetic Style', and 'Hologrammic Prose' in the same breath, two methodologies I feel relative to the tale of the tribe, and to humanity functioning at full capacity in our hyperconnected future-present.

illuminatus-1 german city.png


@kath, I hope to pull up some material from the PKD class soon, I also found a new interest in Hermes due to reading PKD's V.A.L.I.S., and also in the 'dead sea scrolls' their discovery, re-discovery and interpretation, from a Gnostic perspective. Erik Davis covered many of the questions we also find here about the importance of narrative, of story and 'myth' in any endeavor to communicate historical truths, and a sense of the holistic experience of 'reality process'

On Plato, I just listened to a lecture by Graham Hancock, telling how Plato heard from someone, who heard from someone who heard from an Egyptian source, the tale of a 'lost' civilization back in 10'500 B.C. (lost to some people, found for others?) I can't remember much else?
Graham made me cringe a few times during his presentation at '2012 Tipping Point con.) On the whole its worth a look though, it touches on some Hermetic history and principles, albeit wrapped up in much 'woo woo' I think:

@el8ed1, yes you seem to have found coherence if I understand you correctly?our 'Union' and 'Unity' are key principles to the tale of the tribe and the 'process' of observing/participating, working on many levels. The body seems a level apart from the symbolic text, in some sense, and Yoga, to me, seems a methodological practice for the body/mind to work through the split, or provide tools and techniques for a new yoke.
I do not practice traditional Yoga, or the Taoist arts, although I respect them and have read about the fringes of the field, most of them once again, came to me by way of RAW's encyclopedic works. (Fenollosa, Pound, Confucius, Crowley; all have Taoist overtones and insights) on a side note I get my Yoga/meditation from swimming, something else I wish to talk more on as we progress.

One of RAW's first major essays, published in 1959 I think; proposes that James Joyce apprehended Taoism as an early adopter and master translator and performer (by textual symbolic deployment) of Taoist principles, and Hermetic principles yoked. And a lot more besides.

Here's a link to the essay that I recommend we all take a peek at as an early TTOTT related text.

I see my opportunity here to introduce a quote from Alan Watts concerning Herman Hesse and 'The Glass Bead Game' (both characters who have come up more than thrice already here); included in my early poem called 'prose Lojik toolz' 2004

"The nearest thing I know in literature to the
reflective use of one of These drugs is the so-called
Bead Game in Hermann Hesse's 'Magister Ludi (Das
Glasperlenspiel). Hesse writes of a distant future in
which an order of Scholar-mystics have discovered an
ideographic language which can relate All branches of
science and art, philosophy and religion. The game
consists Of playing with the relationships between
configurations in these various Fields in the same way
that the musician plays with harmonic and
Contrapuntal relationships.--Alan W. Watts, The Joyous Cosmology, Page 21.

@Bogus, reminds of the line: 'the wind is part of the process, the rain is part of the process' from the Cantos.

The Ideogram, for me, also adds the perfect commentary to the above quote from Alan Watts, in that we disembark from symbolic alphabet all-together, and drift into an alternative reality of sweeping contour, calligraphic pictures. Pictures I can barely read, and that I can appreciate may radiate literally thousands of years of wisdom, depending 'how' and by 'who' they are read, e.g Ezra Pound, Harry Truman, Alan Watts...

@Borsky, dichten/condensare. Feels like your like-minded commentary on Joseph Campbell's 'Hero with a thousand faces' presenting the highlights, and thankfully, I find you have presented @fuzz with details about his questions concerning the 'books' and 'mystics' RAW referred to in his 'I in the Triangle' audio clip.

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EYE IN THE TRIANGLE: Hermetic Holo Style 1 by rawmemorial

EYE IN THE TRIANGLE: Heremtic Holo Style 2 by rawmemorial

EYE IN THE TRIANGLE: Heremtic Holo Style 3 by rawmemorial

EYE IN THE TRIANGLE: Heremtic Holo-wake 4 by rawmemorial

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