"These are the Alps. What is there to say about them? --Basil Bunting, on Pound's Cantos.

Hi, thanks for joining me on my first class with the Maybe Logic Academy, I suspect some of us have met before, or at least crossed paths on the webnet roadways.

Most but not all that read RAW and spend time processing the signals he communicates seem to develop a humanitarian streak, a playfull and open ended approach to life very generally speaking. I hope to capture this streak and celebrate the vision of humanity spread in many directions by RAWs writing and life.

There are many sub tribes of critters that gravitate towards RAW for various bits and bobs, just take a look again at the MLA courses and teachers and the mixture of disciplines there, and also spend a few minutes surfing with Robert Anton Wilson in your search engine.

Many considered RAW to have played the role of 'dean' of conspiracy theory. I leave the conspiracies up to each individual intelligence to discover for itself and make its own connections.

The tale of the tribe, in one model represents a huge historical conspiracy, a positive creative conspiracy for a new unity, concerning innovations and helpful ideas that change the way that humans may organize and communicate and that are powerful enough to counter the negative conspiratorial forces that involve war, monopoly, famine, and centralized control. A prospiracy, you might say.

TTOTT Characters:

Each character that RAW chose for his tale of the tribe concerns some heretic. Some more so than others (Bruno vs. Shannon?) but they all conspired to help change the face of humanity, through innovations of language and communication for the benefit of the many, while flying directly in the face of the established order of their timespace and environs, the government and its spy networks that are themselves 'hyper-networks' of conspirators playing a similar game, but, with a different rule book, special private contact list, to continue their monopoly games, death cult games, games that involve assassination, biological warfare, guns, nukes and oil,
while taking over peoples lives by force, degrading them, selling them to the giant super corporations.

The TTOTT concerns a network of men and their ideas, that were not concerning the domination of humanity and the exploitation of planet earth's natural resources, but concern sharing, laughter, freedom of expression and love: a communications conspiracy consisting of a somewhat underground network of secret adepts, weirdo's from the future who have helped shape our current hyper-connected digital unity of consciousness.

Our internet maybe the greatest tool for all-around-the-earth humanity to 'get it together' and 'work out our differences' soon, without resorting to cruel and inhuman warfare, mostly due to a lack of communication, lack of transparency in relationships, and a lack of our next weeks theme of 'decentralized and rotational' thinking.

Two questions to ponder:

Please Introduce yourself however you wish.

Who would be in your top 12 all time revolutionary innovators? and why?

Who do you perceive to be your local innovators, personal and in your immediate community?

Greetings from Amsterdam, steve fly.

Shannanigums Wave Book III Chapter XII by flyagaric23


Drummer, poet 'Steve' Fly Agaric has had numerous articles published on subjects varying from Magic Mushrooms to Sun Ra, performed and recorded as turntablist' with Garaj Mahal and The Gregory James band. Fly currently plays trap drums with John Sinclair and his Amsterdam Blues Scholars, while developing his ongoing intellectual research into the tale of the tribe and Maybe Logic.

Fly was an associate producer of the DVD movie: Maybe Logic (2003) and helped support the Maybe Logic Academy from its inception, contributing content and editing a number of 'issues' of the Maybe Quarterly, and studying alongside RAW for most but not all of the classes he spearheaded in his later years.

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