(Hyperlinks added September 3rd 2011, seem stranger than my fiction)

Would Assange send out the key code?

and have the world change again, the novelty engine greased into gears beyond gears, hot white metal flashing in the eyes of authority, every agent gassed and killed, every bank crippled forever and ever, every government institution turned inside out like a woolly jumper, overnight the beats creep up to the brains through the spinal fluid staircase, agents decommissioned, sprung, all corporate spies skewed by the decrypted bomb shell, the 'thermo nuclear' device to end all wars, the genesis machine of Shannon’s negentropic dreamspace with walls of amber in a Mayan mozaic depicting Julian Assange and a Toad launching themselves into hyperspace, the wiki-triptamine formula released, fires burning in the eyes of authority, blinding green flashes, a singularity surge on every horizon, the secret excrement spread over the facebook like manure.

Entities rage across cyberspace on horseback wielding aloft swords and awes, shields and cell phones, laptops and antenna, speakers and turntables, computers and hard-drives, dongles out and memory sticks bowed, poised for attack, coming down on the man with 250'000 hoofs, the sheer roar and terror of truth, the maniac warriors darting out of the mirror world, like 1000's of reprogrammed agents coming from the shadows with sharpened pencils, bows and bowls of crystals. Ink sacks and wild bulls, thousands of horses and ostriches running in and out of time-money-junk worlds, cyber-warfare everywhere and every-when.

History stretching back and forward, destiny and authority clashing, the baboons in the amber room clutch their cell phones, hoping the call will not come tonight, not another international intelligence and banking breach, flashes of super-novas and planetary dust swirling into orbit, all eyes want to witness this turn around, rockets smoking with anticipation like floating silver black and grey kites of space.

Carbon Sixty has been detected great distances from our own Solar system. if an intelligence were to arrive here on earth for a day or two it might hide in the form of carbon Sixty, such an entity arrives on planet earth today, and takes over the narrative quickly and assimilates through networks--fast tracking to become strong A.I. Sixty is interfacing with 'Open Source History' and 'World Piss', to make a 'fly agaric 23' trilogy.