Albums, games, movies, data collection operations, advertising, education all bleed into one another in 2014. Together with the massive influx of disinformation from all quarters, both good intentioned playful disinformation such as that put out by the onion, the daily mash and other satirical funnies, and the not so good intentioned disinformation from proposed authorities such as newspapers, major TV news networks, government public relations offices and the deep heart of strategic disinformation...the intelligence agencies. Booooooo.

I notice that in literature and the arts there grows a different kind of disinformation, that transforms into alternative perception. Not really disinformation in the hurtful sense, due to the informer often not having any empirical authority, or wishing to submit any authority to the unknown creative well-spring, and praise the wonders of the imagination, rather than preach a singular truth about what is.

RAW360 reflects a playful principle and so takes on the attributes of a game, or play generally. Exploration and the spirit of adventure is rewarded, what you put in you get out, zoom in and inspect the details, you may find another doorway, portal or interactive object that reveals more than what you could see at first, for example.

During the 4 year process of working on this new way of presenting RAWs works i have created further plans for future RAW360 spaces, to join the Kitchen and the Chapel areas, already open for inspection.

My work on RAW360 involves combining multi media content, audio, video, images, texts into a coherent 360 activity space. Imagine populating each room in a house with museum exhibits, illuminating fragments corresponding to objects and processes that may take place in that room. For example the washing machine in the kitchen is filled with money, and the video link from one of those notes is to RAW talking about the federal reserve bank, another to ken Campbell reading an Appendix from Illuminatus Trilogy on Free Banking.

I have developed a rough scheme for applying the methods and principles associated with a member of RAWs tale of the tribe with a specific activity space, all contained within a single building. There is a library (Yeats & Pound & Joyce), a film room (Orson Welles & McLuhan), computer room (Shannon & Weiner), gallery (Fenollosa) stellarium (Bruno & Vico), maps room (Bucky & Korzybski), Kitchen (RAW) and a chapel (Nietzsche) Each of these rooms can contain separate activity spaces, an entire new set of media content and a range of other visual renders and styles to invoke various periods of history, or different atmospheres in the room. Also consider different critters who may be peering out from somewhere in the room, a fly eye, mouse, cat or perhaps King Kong at the window?

In some sense i am creating movie sets, or game environments, or music videos depending on how you look at it. I hope you will join me as i explore new activity spaces and help me imagine what the experience of navigating them should be like.

Some ideas kicking around for future development are a Bucky360 project exploiting his geometrical and visual based innovations. A Magick360 space which might guide the initiate through a series of Magickal initiations, exploiting geo' and astro' coordinating technology. Trigger360: a combination of specially filmed scenes from the cosmic trigger play rendered into the 360 universe. Lilly, Leary, Crowley, triggers? Maybe you can help us create these useful tools for better understanding and interacting with RAWs work and the world?

The tale of the tribe and the panorawma

Those who have looked into the tale of the tribe, and contemplated the challenges of crafting an encyclopedic history of humanity in verse, are often confronted with the daunting task of condensation and coherence. How can it be done?

One approach is the novel, the waking language of human experience and speech, or the inner dialogue of the everyman, as best exemplified in Ulysses by James Joyce, an irresistibly realistic novel. Another approach that was of interest to RAW is that demonstrated by Ezra Pound in his Cantos, the craft of juxtaposition of illuminating details. Small triggers, intersection points, that with luck open the theater of the mind and mine the language for the most potent triggers. Joyce's method of epiphany, and what Pound referred to as Ideogrammic method, each a unique literary performance by example, strategic condensation and charging of the word-symbols with meaning to the uppermost degree.

Leaking of, indexing and interpretation of confidential government and corporate information provides a never before picture of war, and internal corruptions throughout the richest and most powerful groups around the world. Leaks may give a unique and honest moment by moment record of events of great importance to the public and humanity at large, yet the language of poetry and condensation of principles are sorely missing from these documents, IMHO, together with the lack of any individual author rooted in spacetime. The emergence of organizations such as wikileaks deserve a place in the tale of the tribe due to the innovation in data processing and indexing into meaningful, valuable communications. Words powerful enough to strike a blow to the state?

The principle of cultural inheritance as defined by Buckminster Fuller addresses the problem of institutionalized knowledge, and the privatization of human knowledge amassed over many centuries. May the language of poetry and moving tales and great stories liberate all knowledge and human experience from the private greed heads, NOW!

--Steve Fly