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Complementing the complexities and strangeness I will no doubt be bringing to your tabletop, I would like to stress my objective of teasing out a seemingly simple story concerning the general heart of humanity in a common speech: the tale of the tribe.

By way of pervasive multi-media, I believe we are now, as a species living in our 'tribal village' as one, each the sum totality of all humanity, each of us equally valuable and equally charged with potential to feedback to the tribe, almost all of them, if only we choose to tune in and use our tele-communications devices and our biological systemics - harmoniously - wisely, and for the benefit of the whole. The great task of healing and balancing the big questions confronting us all by telling a tale.


Who's speech of what tribe? what common speech of everyday life lifted to the highest degree of meaning? good and bad side by side displayed for the reader to be the judge, a record of history on show, juxtaposition, direct treatment of the thing itself, the tales of men and of women and the unseen forces between them. Singing, shouting and dancing matter, the tale of the tribe. Who is the author or authors, where and why are they, what context, who's narrative?

Email to the tribe implies that the form of communication known as email and the contents of our inbox are like our common speech, our everyday speech, like phone text messages, all of our new status updates and tweets help define our collective tales in a new condensed e-language. But who can make sense of this swamp of slang and idol chatter? Email to the tribe will look at ways to harness the common speech and general heart, while keeping the critical individual eye open.

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RAW's Tribes

Sitting here now in Amsterdam I realize that I am here because of Jung's dream of Liverpool in some sense. It ties into the latter years of the life of Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, who I'm indebted to for attracting me to the United States in the first place, and leading me into the study of his 'tale of the tribe' or his group of 'evolvers' the contents of these email - reintroducing - an interactive multi-media TTOTT network.

I am barely scratching the tip of the iceberg that is Dr. Wilson's tale of the tribe, a 50 year study. Nevertheless, I would like to express that in parts I have changed and modified his original twelve characters and minor details, furthermore I chose to lean more heavily on some characters than others, and I exhibit my own ignorance in the choices I make, what I left out. Please forgive any mistakes and/or misreading, all feedback is welcome and I hope that in sharing my research into TTOTT the quality and precision of the information can be regularly updated and revised. The TTOTT wheels are templates to be filled with other characters, texts, principles, objects and spirits.

On a somewhat more alarming note, get your fingers from out of your ass and re-read RAW. His message of co-creative, tolerant society that can still enjoy smut and a penis joke with gagging or heaven forbid, political satire without facing the censors. The banging of the iron fist of control and tyrannical greed echo's throughout all sphere's of our current affairs and current thinking on such revolutionary subjects as cosmology, neuro-science, drug research, social credit, and digital rights and individual freedoms.

The tale of the tribe exhibits a network of resistance that can be used to construct an unbroken chain of historical events, innovations and persecutions that define our current condition and contextualize the timeless and scholarly texts of Dr. Wilson himself. ETTT may be used as extended footnotes to reading Robert Anton Wilson, in relation to the future of internet and cyber-culture...cyber war.

The combination of the ideas and principles from the characters Dr. Wilson lists in his 'tribe' are as furtive and revolutionary today as they were both when he congregated them and when each genius lived in their respective epoch, combined. Dr. Wilson carried the wisdom of these characters, and often synthesized parts of them into his own hologramic prose, and special wisdom language deployed throughout his life's work. Please read him again, and do the exercises.

This six week class is designed to produce new maps that help forward some of the ideas and principles and questions raised by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson and the tale of the tribe. Join me in the construction of new maps and produce new evaluations.



Around late spring in the summer of 2004, we started a class together at the MLA called 'The ideogramic Method' and during that class I went out book hunting in Brooklyn, where I was living and found the dull looking but perfectly titled 'The Tale Of The Tribe' by Michael Bernstein. This fascinating book of dense critical analysis of Pound and Charles Olson, and the modern verse epic, traveled with me ever since: to Chicago, San Francisco, San Rafael, London, Birmingham, Amsterdam. I have been dipping in and out for six years now, looking for clues.

This book reminds me that it was Ezra Pound who really defines what we mean when we use the phrase 'the tale of the tribe'. His epic and ecyclopedic 'Cantos' are another performance by example, a new Hologramic prose, and in the Hermetic style' you might say. Circe is a revolutionary principle that runs through Bruno, Vico, Yeats, Pound, and Joyce for example. Sounds like circle doesn't it? Also Dante and in particular his 'descent into the underworld' has been shown by Eric Wagner, among others, to permeate Pound's Cantos and Joyce's Finnegans Wake, and so, McLuhan and Vico turn back to Bruno, and maybe decentralized and rotational media? Circe impacted heavily on Giordano Bruno.

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Scroll by Giordano Bruno

A Modern verse Epic

Picking up Bernstein's 'TToTT' now and again I started to see that a 'tale of the tribe' consists of a special collection of special writings, and not like your 'tales' on the current best seller lists, a text that stands up to many various criticisms and fulfills an array of conditions, and standing the test of time! For example 'the tribe' seems to me to mean 'all-around-the-world humanity' a concept possibly better described by Marshall McLuhan as 'The Global Village' and illustrated by Buckminster Fuller by his Dymaxion Map of earth.

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Holographic Network

Both Pound and Joyce deploy a new style that strives to represent global tongues that tell of tales, but in a very special way. Dr. Wilson often referred to this very special way as Hologramic Prose' or the Hermetic Style. Two terms Dr.Wilson often used to describe Finnegans Wake.

The tale of the tribe must be a connected network, otherwise it is useless. A new team of nodal points, shared swarms that link together. The goal of a hologramic network, a poem, novel, screenplay, album, a cross roads of overlapping functions and principles.

The triple spiral symbolizes the rotational and spiral nature of the connected works of Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, the triad or delta that symbolizes femininity and the triple goddess. Vico and Joyce and Nietzsche feed off the spiraling principles of recorsi. Giordano Bruno and his "Memory Wheels" plus Giambattista Vico and his "Cycles of Ages", Frederich Nietzsche and the "Eternal Return", Ernest Fenollosa and the omni-directional radiance of "Chinese Symbolism", William Butler Yeats and his dynamic "Gyres" and "Unity of Being" and 'Symbolism', Ezra Pound and his "Revolutionary Calendar" and 'Ideogramic method of juxtaposition', James Joyce and his spiral powered "coincidance of contraries & resolution of opposites", Buckminster Fuller and the moving "Synergistic" principles. Meanwhile Alfred Korzybski and his "General Semantics", Marshall McLuhan and his "Global Village Tribes", Orson Welles and his "Neurological Cinematic Relativity", Claude Shannon and "Information Theory" and other recurring geniuses and their additional contributions to humanity intersect with connecting threads represented by Dr. Wilson. In my opinion at their most potent when writing on Joyce: the mother-load of compressed hermetic wisdom.

Celtic Twilight

The Celtic spiral reminds me of RAWs Irish heritage, and of my own, by way of his famous silver spiral ring and his great contributions to scholarship concerning literature, history, logic and satire. Arlan and Bob lived together in Dublin, Ireland between 1982 and 1988 during which time he read the complete works of Johnathan Swift, and polished up on his study of Synge, O' Brien, Yeats, Hamilton, Wilde, and his beloved James Joyce, while writing hundreds of comprehensive articles and six books.

I once heard RAW refer to his book "The Widows Son" that he wrote in Ireland, as a personal favorite of his due to his feeling 'hot'and on form when he wrote that one around 1984. I feel that the great Celtic influences on the classic Irish Fairy tales and folk tales help to distinguish the kind of "tale" we might be looking for in a search for deeper understanding of the 'tale' of a tale of the tribe. Swifts early work "The Tale of A Tub" for example, crosses paths in a literal sense with our subject, and Joyce hypertextualizes much Swift in the Wake, or Swift hypertextualizes Joyce?

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The Tale involves the multiple points of view and literary devices of a master, the subtle imitations of common speech, space-time continuity and hologramic architectural oversight (Portrait of the Artist, Ulysses, Finnegans Wake) to use the example from Joyce: the widely acknowledged master of manufacturing moments of epiphany by immense tales. The tale reaches back to Homer's Odyssey, and still further around the camp fires and early dwellings of early hominids developing language and story; a way to bring several things together into a single moment of comprehension in the theater of the mind.

The tale exhibits added ambiguity close with that associated with myths where the questions about 'truth and reality' remain in a playful maybe state of ambiguity rather than being a part of the fossil record or confined to a chronological historical prison. Indexed, listed, stamped, measured, weighed. The playful tale seems to be close in meaning, to me, to the parable or Zen like 'Koan' utilized throughout various wisdom schools, the resolution of opposites that leaves you higher than you were before you thought it.


The tribe, on the other side of the equation which I have divided up, for the sake of some comparative study, seems to denote a designated group of people defined by their culture, language and group activity. The Speech of the Tribe might be different to the speech of the tale, in that the tribal speech generalizes subjective tales into doctrine and common laws, group contracts and constitutions, with wide variations. The speech of the tribe, in this model, aims to inform the populace with a general Unified theory of axioms, whereas the 'tale' type of speech, aims to correlate personal experience on the psychological realm of inner space, the anecdotal "Tale".

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Future Engagements

I will engage with the group in an open exploration of Robert Anton Wilson, his influences and inspirations, and dare to construct a new philosophy based upon my experiences, in doing so I hope to encourage others to do the same, and share their results thereby creating another network of like minded creative individuals.

I wish to create a future editing and feedback date after the class has finished where contributors can make further edits. To explore ideas such as a monthly rotational editing platform and shared examples of transparent contacts, friends and supporters. An open network of condensed 'meaningful' communications that would make Bob smile, and that add something valuable to the tribe at the Global Village.

Multimedia Components

Each week will consist of an array of mixed media structured around the particular theme of that week. I hope that others will at least share media they feel helps sum up their thoughts, and are invited to share feedback at the forum, set up for this purpose.

Hierarchy of tribal values

The Tale of the tribe will remain an unfinished book by RAW, but it also acts as a guide to steer you through his diverse works and establish a hierarchy of values associated with the man and his ideas and writing. The way that the text has splintered off into a thousand fragments pitted throughout the webnet maybe the perfect decentralized and rotational process for Dr. Wilson's great parting gift to humanity?

The easy answer is 'write your own tale of the tribe' and become the centrifugal force that binds language and the surrounding environment together. But many reading this may be looking for something else entirely, with no time to read Pound and Joyce, or the mass of often difficult and obscure texts RAW recommends, for these people I feel it best to refer to the success of wikipedia, and the fact that the writings of RAW and many of his inspirations are best networked by an entire encyclopedia due to the clusters of dates, names, places, events and so on, flickering between 'real' and so called 'fictional' events here on earth.

Encyclopedic and Epic

The phrases encyclopedic and epic do not come lightly in the 21st century, there are not many writers left who have lived through the sixties with such optimism as RAW and Dr. Leary, I think, and as we move into the second decade of the second millennium their accomplishments and tireless efforts to transform our society and culture by developing advances in language and art (and crafts) can be re-examined, re-contextualized, comparing both contemporary figures in both the political and underground intellectual and arts scene. We must construct many new living tribes of revolutionary individuals from the bones of the old and their teachings.

I started my own research into TTOTT when I first encountered the book TSOG and the Reocorsi at the back of that book, outlining RAW's next book, and the characters of his tribe. So many of these characters and the major texts they produced were foreign to me at that time (2004) that I have spent until then only scratching the surface of these figures, but at least reading them, and about them and their influence, trying to unify them into a new praxis.

The project ran into a brick wall for me when I realized that I must get creative and actually begin to write my own tales and contextualize the whole thing in a new setting I had created, and so in the fall of 2008 I started my new 'tale of the tribe' that I called "Our Historys Back' now changed to 'Open Source History'. An historical fictional account of encounters and collaborative meetings between the characters from RAWs tribe. A daring and brave undertaking that tested my patience and helped me see the many holes and problems of constructing such a tale.


Thanks in advance to those who have directly inspired and guided my class, in no particular order; Nick Larson, Toby Philpott, Phillipe Vermesh, Bobby Campbell, Prop', Lance Baucher, Paul Krassner, Eric Wagner, The MLA, John Sinclair, CHU, Mark Pesce, Matt Black.

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