"As John V. Kelleher points out, the diagram Shaun uses in Finnegans Wake (pg. 293) is one of many places where Joyce is parodying Yeats's **A Vision**.--Richard Ellmann, JAMES JOYCE, pg. 597.

In a letter to Dorothy Shakespear Pound exclaimed:
    • The Eagle [Yeats] is welcomed to my dashed horoscope tho’ I
    • think Horace was on the better track when he wrote
    • "Tu ne quaesaris, scire nefas, quem
    • mihi quem tibi
    • Finem dii dederunt" (Litz 113).
    • [Ask not, we cannot know, what ends the gods have set for me, for thee]

"Yeats wrote these works while experimenting with automatic writing with his wife George, and they were an exploration of his interest in occult astrology. The works serves as a meditation on the relationships between imagination, history, and the occult. A Vision has been compared to Eureka: A Prose Poem, the final major work of Edgar Allan Poe.--


great poetry has high informaion,
political speehes low.--Norbert Weiner

It is interesting, in this connection, that Nietzsche dropped
"psychological" language from his books as he went along and
replaced it with "physiological" language. For instance, in his
later works, such as The Anti-Christ, the "resentment" within
slave-morality (conventional Christianity) is diagnosed as a
physiological reaction characteristic of certain physical types.
Nietzsche was on the right track, but lacking neurology he
looked for the physical basis of these processes in genetics alone.
--Robert Anton Wilson, Prometheus Rising, page 80

"Thy neighbours will always be poisonous flies; what is great in thee -- that itself must make them more poisonous, and always more fly-like.

Flee, my friend, into thy solitude -- and thither, where a rough strong breeze bloweth. It is not thy lot to be a fly-flap. --
Thus spake Zarathustra.--http://www.american-buddha.com/thusspakezara.12.htm

Pound's sources defining the ideogram all agree that the terms of the pictorial relationships are certified by the entire culture which employ's them, it is the community of written speech user's throughout the cultures linguistic history that has shaped the ideogram's configuration and validation; its accuracy. - Tale of the Tribe, Micheal Bernstein, Page 47.

"New paths do I tread, a new speech comes to me; tired have I become- like all creators- of the old tongues. No longer will my spirit walk on worn-out soles.--Friederich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra, page 49.

During 1885, Yeats was involved in the formation of the Dublin Hermetic Order. The society held its first meeting on 16 June, with Yeats acting as its chairman. The same year, the Dublin Theosophical lodge was opened in conjunction with Brahmin Mohini Chatterjee, who travelled from the Theosophical Society in London to lecture. Yeats attended his first séance the following year. He later became heavily involved with the Theosophical Society and with hermeticism, particularly with the eclectic Rosicrucianism of the Golden Dawn. During séances held from 1912, a spirit calling itself "Leo Africanus" apparently claimed it was Yeats' Daemon or anti-self, inspiring some of the speculations in Per Amica Silentia Lunae.[26[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Butler_Yeats#cite_note-25|]]] He was admitted into the Golden Dawn in March 1890 and took the magical motto Daemon est Deus inversus—translated as Devil is God inverted or A demon is a god reflected.[27[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Butler_Yeats#cite_note-26|]]] He was an active recruiter for the sect's Isis-Urania temple, and brought in his uncle George Pollexfen, Maud Gonne, and Florence Farr. Although he reserved a distaste for abstract and dogmatic religions founded around personality cults, he was attracted to the type of people he met at the Golden Dawn.[28[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Butler_Yeats#cite_note-27|]]] He was involved in the Order's power struggles, both with Farr and Macgregor Mathers, but was most notably involved when Mathers sent Aleister Crowley to repossess Golden Dawn paraphernalia during the "Battle of Blythe Road". After the Golden Dawn ceased and splintered into various offshoots, Yeats remained with the Stella Matutina until 1921.[29[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Butler_Yeats#cite_note-28|]]]


"Other religious celebrate cycles of birth and death, Christianity insists that in one unique Historical moment, the cycle reversed, and a dead man came back to life. - Leonard Schlain, Alphabet versus Goddess. Pg 223