On the third circuit, time becomes conceptualized as well as
experienced. We know ourselves as creatures of time; the "tale
of the tribe," the totem pole, the Odyssey of Homer, the Old
Testament, the Vedas, etc. tell us what came before and often
contains prophecies of what will come later. Science expands the
third circuit into contemplation of time-spans that stagger our
imaginations. The very use of written languages and other
symbols like mathematics creates the time-binding sense of
Korzybski: we know ourselves as receivers of messages sent by
sages "of olde" and as potential transmitters of messages that
may be scanned ages in the future. --Robert Anton Wilson, Prometheus Rising, Pg 103

3D objects made from 'paper' can contain various symbols and images that can be folded and enfolded in the Origamai tradition. I experimented with a TTOTT Dodecahedron of 20 sides, and 12 vertices.

30, 60, 90,120 and 150 render interesting symmetrical objects upon which information may be presented.

Twelve characters from TTOTT are built into a rough syllabic pyramid structure, a 'mount' to enable triangulation into various geometrical shapes and other 'hyper' structures under construction. I wonder of the permutations and spaces for symbolic communication using this method, and sharing information in a playful way.

Please begin to think about 'pyramid' structures for your characters or for any 'system of things' you wish to represent.

James Joyce famously designed the beginning of a chapter from Finnegans Wake so as to appear in the shape of a Delta, a pyramid providing us a perfect example of the 'symbolist method' to put in crudely.

RAW Workshop:

Do people who think "ideogrammically" develop different "brains" than people who think alphabetically?
Bucky Fuller and Pound agree with Fenollosa that they do. What do you think? --RAW, Recorsi


R. Buckminster Fuller, in his Synergetic-Energetic Geometry, which he claims is the "co-ordinate system of the Universe," reduces all phenomena to geometric-energetic constructs based on the tetrahedron (4-sided), the octet truss (8-sided) and the coupler (8-faceted with 24 phases). Fuller argues specifically that the 8-face, 24-phase coupler underlies the 8-fold division of the chemical elements on the Mendeleyev Periodic Table. --Robert Anton Wilson, Octave of Energy, Cosmic Trigger.

According to the Korzybski-Whorf-Sapir hypothesis,
the language a people speak heavily influences their sense perceptions,
their "concepts" and even the way they feel about themselves and the world in general.
"A change in language can transform our appreciation of the cosmos,"
as Whorf stated the case. - RAW

Here we mostly use Fuller's synergetic/planetary sociology,
as influenced by and an influence upon Pound. --RAW, Recorsi

What Joyce and Ez aimed @ in their ideograms and ephianies,
semanticist Alfred Korzybski referred to as extensional method:
Orientation by concrete facts. --RAW, Recorsi

"We are now in a position to get rid of the 150 sovereignties and
have a re:circulatory, interacommadative, world-around
democratic system. - Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path. Pg. 287




I recommend everyone here set themselves up a wikispace' account, I feel the example of a 'wiki entry' gives us a generally info-rich vehicle for sharing.

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