"Time is said to have only one dimension, and space to have three dimensions. ... The mathematical quaternion partakes of both these elements; in technical language it may be said to be 'time plus space', or 'space plus time': and in this sense it has, or at least involves a reference to, four dimensions. And how the One of Time, of Space the Three, Might in the Chain of Symbols girdled be." (William Rowen Hamilton).

"Just as a hologram is so structured
that each part contains the whole,
Finnegans Wake is structured
in puns and synchronicities
that "contain" and reflect each other,
creating the closest approximation
of an infinite regress ever achieved
in any art-form. --RAW, Coincidance.

Saying whiches, see his bow on the hapence, with a
pattedyr but digit here, he scooped the hens, hounds and horses
biddy by bunny, with an arc of his covethand, saved from the
drohnings they might oncounter, untill his cubid long, to hide in

Many great thinkers agree with that James Joyce in his book 'Ulysses' and more spectacularly and refined in the legendary 'Finnegans Wake'; created a whole new 'style'. With many terms for their innovation depending where you are and who your talking with, I like 'hologramic prose', or 'Nat Language' or bawdy 'Magickal speech' and nevertheless have been discussed and translated extensively by Dr. Wilson many times over, and performed by example in his cyber-fictional 'tales' and spoken word gymnastics available across the internet.

I propose that the 'hologramic' principle very generally, can be traced through all of the characters from Dr. Wilson's tribe, and so to me it makes sense here to use the 'hologramic' principle as the structure for a new kind of review and Index of Dr. Wilson's tribe. (see 'TTOTT Wheels' thread and the new 'spaces').

Terms such as 'Unity' 'Holistic' and 'Gestalt' evoke the more scientifically rendered meanings to the broad term 'hologram'. Hologrammic Prose, as I view it, aims to translate experience through a collage of symbol, syntax, meaning and grammar resulting in Illuminated junctions and 'intersection points' of wisdom language. When practiced enough and mastered 'hologrammic prose' has been known to produce states of 'epiphany' and 'awakening' in readers comparable with some definitions of religious enlightenment and illumination. Yes mate.

I consider David Bohm and Karl Pribham as some innovators of the scientific 'holographic principle, and RAW, due to being a student of Bohm and a literary genius, who 'put it all together' with his own 'hologrammic prose' in such books as 'Quantum Psychology' and 'Schreodinger's Cat Trilogy' for example. Yes, Dr. Robert Anton Wilson also cited the 'Sufi schools' as an influence on his unique 'hologrammic' juxtaposition of 'blocks of thought'

Eric Wagner produced a great guide to RAW's 'hermetic style' in his essay on 'The Homing Pigeons' from the Schroedinger's Cat Trilogy by RAW, in his 'Insiders Guide to Robert Anton Wilson, that I highly recommend.

RAW appears in this compilation of thoughts on HOLOGRAMMIC THINKING.


Please read 'TAO and JOYCE', cuss and discuss it and 'hologrammic prose'.

For example: Nietzsche and Joyce

Consider your top twelve inspirations somewhat like a hologram, look for connections between them, affinities and correspondences. (I did this exercise when starting my TTOTT novel, and settled on 31st August, 1936, as the date that could pull the characters together in space/time--a literary 'sweet spot', what is yours?)

'The morbid rebel against the most morbid Church in Christendom had to go the long way round to reach the shortest way home. The affirmation of Ulysses is forced (not "insincere" any more than the neurotic's desire to be cured is "insincere"); the affirmation of the Wake engages every level of the author's sensibility, from cortex to cojones - the whole man affirms, as in Nietzsche's Zarathustra.--RAW, Tao and Joyce.

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce.

...six months ago I made a blog post concerning 'hologrammic prose' and Finnegans Wake, where I trawled the text for 'all sorts' of 'phrases' and 'words' to help shed light on Joyce's literary 'holographic principle' and 'Hermetic Neuro-linguistics', with a strong 'physics' glossing. Please follow the link, and browse the post that simply splices 'wikipedia' entries with 'Finnegans Wake' cuts. I often do this exercise with many different subjects as part of my on-going Joyce studies. threadonism.blogspot.com/2010/04/towards...ory-of-flything.html

Visit the 'search-able' concordex of 'Finnegans Wake' and put the name of your first 'pet' into the search engine, what did you find? www.lycaeum.org/mv/Finnegan/


"Two extremes of redundancy in English prose are represented by Basic English and by James Joyce’s book “Finnegans Wake”. The Basic English vocabulary is limited to 850 words and the redundancy is very high. This is reflected in the expansion that occurs when a passage is translated into Basic English. Joyce on the other hand enlarges the vocabulary and is alleged to achieve a compression of semantic content. - Claude Shannon, Mathematical theory of communication.

The "nat language" of Finnegans Wake, in fact, can best be described as hologrammic prose. just as a hologram is so structured that each part contains the whole, Finnegans Wake is structured in puns and synchronicities that "contain" and reflect each other, creating the closest approximation of an infinite regress ever achieved in any art-form. The absent is ever present, the dead are all alive, and the abyss of uncertainty appears in every multi-meaningful sentence. --Robert Anton Wilson, Coincidance.

"There is clear relevance between all these notions, and they all contribute to our understanding of socio-economic change. The Adamses on migration and acceleration, Douglas on increment of association, Korzybski on “time-binding,” Fuller on synergy, Schrödinger on life as an anti-entropic process, Shannon and Weiner on information as negative entropy, and Leary on neuro-genetics, all illustrate part of what we mean by Information Increase. --Robert Anton Wilson, Human Intelligence Increase.

What underlies the accelerations noted by Henry Adams and Korzybski
is nowadays known as the selection of negentropy out of stochastic processes.
Our understanding of this is chiefly due to almost-simultaneous discoveries
(1946-48) by quantum physicist Erwin Schrodinger, mathematician
Norbert Weiner and an electronics-communication expert at
Bell Laboratories, Claude Shannon. -- RAW, Prometheus Rising, page 110.

"The proteiform graph itself is a polyhedron of scripture." --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg.107

Steven 'Fly Agaric 23' Pratt. Email to the Tribe. 2010/2011