or Holy Anna Kissed Tribalism?

Introduction. Why write such a thing?

Listing a few current events may help you get a picture of what humanity seems entranced by at the moment: The Newscorp Hacking Scandal, global Occupy movement, Global financial market meltdown, Euro-zone crisis meltdown, food shortage, drought, war, torture, celebrity stuff, private security business, 89 Billion price on facebook, London Olympic Games run up, global climate change, the end of fossil fuel, arms race, military expenditure, austerity cuts, class warfare, BP Oil Spill, BNP, Freedom Party, EDL, rise of far-right politics, Tunisian revolution, Egyptian uprising, Israel Palestine conflict, invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, Suicide, war on some drugs, video games, corporate mergers, drone aircraft, 2012 apocalypse, and on and on.

The above represents a slice of some memes floating in the Global Village. Seemingly complex processes that have erupted like pussy spots, over the last decade into the public meme sphere, but of course these events have complex origins and all sorts of variables, have no fear.

A scientific approach to learning more about these complex processes may involve the implementation of certain limits and rules so as to distinguish the difference, and then with luck, put like with like and apply appropriate theorems and principles to arrive a new place, a new methodology with which to analyse and with which to codify understanding. Hopefully the scientific methods can be flexible enough to apply in different fields of study, physics and drug drealing both, but in my example here these fields are Physics, Sociology and literature: parts 1, 2 and 3 that works to define a new synthesis in response to the above ‘current events’ that I deem to be the greatest challenges to humanity as a whole in 2012.

I must pay my respects and give full acknowledgment to Dr Robert Anton Wilson for providing me with the courage and audacity to carry out such a study, and for laying the map for many of the ideas and sources within. I do not claim that such a synthesis would have been explicitly described by RAW, due to his special species of hologrammic prose, but hopefully from this new study others will revisit and review RAW’s works from a new updated ‘data-field’ on reflection of the above ‘current events’.


“FLY: Oh, the trick top hat.

SAUL: The trick top hat', oh, yeah, the trick top hat, yeah that’s the next one i think, and the third one is called 'homing pigeons', trick top hat is the one that has references to both Jack and Me as coming up with futuristic kind of physics that changes things drastically and so on.”—Steven ‘Fly’ Pratt and Saul Paul Sirag, North Beach, San Francisco, June 2000.

“There’s only one way of life, and that’s your own, that’s your own, that’s your own”—The Levellers.

I look at the kind of ‘Freedom’ Gert Wilders has in mind with the so called ‘Freedom Party’ or the kind of ‘News’ Rupert and James Murdoch have in mind with their so called ‘News Corporation’, or the kind of peace the makers of the ‘peace-maker bomb’ have in mind? In 2012 things are very seldom what they say they are on the tin, the menu is not the meal and map is not the territory, the words that describe the ‘things’ are not the things themselves. This seems to be getting clearer to me.

Lies, hypocrisy and double speak seem to me to be rampant in ‘current events’ and their shaping, the frontline of reinforcing the materialist paradigm in 2012 operating upon an all pervasive interconnected global scale. Who do you trust, where do you get your news, how do you define freedom and where and how do you find your peace? Cohesion proves difficult in the New York to Kabul project.

And yet, after all this, we thinking peoples stand on the precipice of yet another paradigm, somewhat macrocosmically bigger and infinitely richer and powerful, the study of ‘consciousness, cognition, psychology and neuromythology’ brings the whole show back to the individual who perceives, in many ways, in the province of the mind, in providence, self-owning ones retain the will to life, diversity, multiplicity and cognitive freedom. (something the Dutch Freedom Party desperately avoids sensible commentary upon).


I often hear a repeating criticism of anarchism, roughly the one sided idea of total individual freedom and total abolishment of government, that misses the idea of cognitive interpretations of that loaded meaning of anarchy. New Tribalism here presents a workable model for the integration of self-owning ones into a group or tribe, using the ‘primitive leavers’ opposed to the ‘civilized takers’ as past and present models for such a model. See the American Indians, Australian Aboriginies, South American Indians and Amazonian Shaman, Siberian Shaman, African Tribes people, and use your imagination about how the ‘global industrial capitalist military agricultural information’ processes contradict the localized, shared, small, rotating, openly neuro-mythological HAT community.

I wish to show that cutting edge physics contains much ancient wisdom and that social cohesion can be realized through rich hologrammic Prose HP. If each part contains a part of the whole, across scale, and across academic fields of investigation, then it follows that drawing attention to a few specific meaningful connections or Hyperconnections may help you see what I mean.

If Einstein is our physicist of study, James Joyce must be the writer to compliment such brilliance, and maintain a very high standard. And so it goes that distilling great thinkers and their ideas goes a long way to proposing a furtive idea, pregnant with solid sources, somewhat universally recognised. The Hologrammic Method of poetry and prose puts forward such a comprehensive mixture of artefacts, like a wide array of artefacts in a museum, like collage, Ezra Pound’s ideogrammic Method worked on somewhat similar principles deployed in his tale of the tribe: The Cantos.


"Wonderful theory, wrong species". (On Marxism, which he considered more suited to ants than to humans.)—E.O Wilson.

In the open society and its enemies Karl Popper helps define a holographic approach to social interactions and civilization more generally. Marshal McLuhan defines HS by way of the Global Village, outlining how the new electronic digital communications tools effectively manifest a one world village, of seemingly instantaneous feedback and symbol sharing.

RAW presents many contributions to HS, most specifically in his comparative studies of literature, social psychology (Quantum Psychology) and physics, in some sense RAW best defines HS through drawing attention to Buckminster Fuller, Karl Popper, David Bohm, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Marshal McLuhan, Claude Shannon, Yeats, Orson Welles, Giordano Bruno, Giambattista Vico, Dr Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, John Lilly, Aldous Huxley, Wilhelm Reich, Karl Jung, Erwin Schroedinger, John Von Neumann, H.P Lovecraft, G.I Gurdjief, Aleister Crowley and Charles Fort.


"Fly: Could you explain a little bit about your holographic

RAW--No. I'm struggling to write a whole book about
that right now and can't imagine how to
condense it. Besides, it's the hardest
part of my work to translate...

I'll give you two related samples from the Illuminatus
and see what you
can make of them: "They shall come to gno gods."
"They shall come to gnu godz."


My best guess rotates about the idea that RAW most explicitly practised a form of HP, or realized many years ago when developing his writing and life styles that diversity and multiplicity resonate with the holographic nature of things. The everywhere-ness and everything-ness of mind, of consciousness unbounded, RAW started hunting down anomalies (snarks and fnords) and weird data that did not fit the popular consensus about these things, reeling off minority report after minority report, sharing his scientific methods and principles while keeping the subjective experiences intact. Simply telling his story straight--that’s what happened--and later providing multiple alternatives, false and positive proofs for each, and applying the wisdom language and deep philosophy of mind to the greatest questions confronting humanity in the 21st' century. (Please read him for a full explication of HP, HS, and HAT ).


New Tribalism reflects a new branch of anarchism, and in light of the Occupy movement remains an example of a holographic anarchist tribe and perhaps the best example to begin considering what 'HAT' might look like when manifest in the social.

HAT works on many unseen levels, between the cracks, the process maybe akin to the Hermetic study and principles generalized to...that which is above as that which is below’. We can ride both the anarchist and the new tribalist argument that Agriculture displaced the hunter-gather tribes and attracted coercion and alienation to the steady social develppments. The alternative revolves around an open classless co-operative community of self-owning ones, ‘hyper-connected’ to the whole planetary feedback systems, able to navigate their own futures for themselves and their friends, i dream on...

I t seems to me that the Italian renaissance and western Occult tradition might provide some historical and methodological bridges to some New Tribalist and Anarchist principles, in particular the life and works of Girodano Bruno, John Dee, Shakespeare, Giambattista Vico and others who followed the new synthesis they started around the turn of the 16th century. (I refer you to RAW’s tale of the tribe TTOTT and his 'Historical Illuminatus Trilogy' in particular. These novels exhibit a lineage right up to the present day that revolves around this occult (and I argue somewhat Holographic in nature) pre-internet, operating system. FUCKUP lives.


A philosophical investigation and proposition detailing three themes I wish to pursue do to my feelings that they hold the greatest potential for unity, peaceful progress and individual awakening, in light of the current state of the planetary global village.

1. Hologrammic Prose. Holographic cosmology and the Holographic mind.
2. Minarchy. Anarchist Economics. Anarchy on the Information Superhighway.
3. Tale of the Tribe. New Tribalism.

(I’ll be using a lot of Wikipedia links in hope that you may soon pick up the thread and begin checking some data yourself, sources and new pathways towards discovery of the previously unknown.)

1. RAW. James Joyce. Mckenna. Jung. ETTT. (plus new Susskind, Pribham, Talbot, Bruno?
2. Hakim Bey. RAW Ill Papers. Cantos.
3. Quinn. Pesce. Joyce/Pound/Mcluhan

1 Dr Louis Herman. Dolphin Holography.
Terence Mckenna – Timewave Holography partly from Mushroom
Kushi Macrobiotics
Sheldrake Morphogenetic Field
2. Tom Robbins Ferret in Villa Incognito.
E.O Wilson Socio-biology.
Illuminatus Howard. Dillinger. Malatesta. Finnegans Wake.
Crowley/ Ali: Free will astrology

3. Jane Goddard on Gorillas. RAW’s Domesticated primates.
Will Self and Quinn’s Apes.
Pound’s cats.
Cronenburg’s fly
Samourini Hypothesis. Zoo-pharma-cognosy.
Kafka’s Metamorphoses.
R. Dahl – Mouse in witches

Vico: Myth cycles, cycle of ages.
Zerzan: New Tribalism
Chomsky: Rap news
Zinn: American History
Sinclair: Holographic Art workshop. Anarcho Jazz Sun Ra. Independent Music Movement. Tribe Band.
Leary, Kessey and Robert Anton Wilson: Neuro-mythology
Joseph Cambell: Hero with a thousand faces.
DeMeo: Saharasia
Terence Mckenna on impact of agriculture: food of the gods.
Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil
Popper: Open Society and it's enemies.
Yeats: A Vision, Neuromythology and poetry.


Global village tolerance and awareness?
Shared communication, effort to translate the Jung-known optimistically?
The problems of money, currency, distribution and value.
The democratic capitalist system of the developing world?
Food and agriculture, hunter-gatherer teachers
Fall on empty years?

Drugs and television,
Sports and societal ceremony.
Fairness and good will, empathy, ecstasy and compassion
To come with, to share without fear of competition?
Harm reduction, humanitarian humanism.
Global ecology and understanding, at oneness
With, nature

Natural vs. un-natural, nature vs. nurture. Genes vs. Environment
Self and other, mythology and history? What is what?
Story vs. treaty. Novel vs. Scientific Hypothesis?
Are we asleep dreaming we are awake? Prove the contrary!
Is ‘Universe non-simultaneously apprehended?’ as Bucky and RAW say.

What of meaningful coincidence?
Synchronicity of your story, your waking dreamscape escape?
How to not participate in
The late capitalist agenda, how to resist peacefully?
How to participate in ‘social compassionate art for change?
Minarchy, Monarchy, anarchy and ‘co-operative tribes?

Self-governing ones and their “temporary autonomous zones’
How and when to integrate cybernetic machine intelligence?
What human’s best at, and what are digital computers best at

How can we work together, how can we distinguish
Who are the blade-runners? Watson A.I meets Maker bot
On another planet.
Why our world, why phallocentric perceptions, language
Our our our, hour after hour, us, centre of everything?
Mind body duality, spirit, what of it.
Life, says who, when why and how?

What of mixing laws like gravity with laws like
‘drug prohibition’ laws?
Scale and gradation and probability may help us
Civilize humanize and realize how to dance into the unknown
Ploughing our wonderment into feedback processes,
Mind body community sharing, dancing.

What about dancing about architecture?
The Olympic games, and sport
Commercial interests versus body-mind interests
Phone hacking scandal and George Orwell’s England

McLuhan and the Global Village riots?
Pound and the Chinese written character assasination
Joyce and the occupy movement of anarchist literature?
Tolkien, Lucas and Pessoa universe?
Hollywood and Ivy League magicians, slight of the eye.
New perceptionists, miss courage of Dutch justice
What of Earth, to farm, to eat and hunt.
To exterminate species, to decimate and intolerate?

Steven 'Flyagaric23' Pratt