"A probability function divorced from context?--Steve Garlick

Greetings, and welcome to week four of email to the tribe, I hope you have had a relaxing week end. Global Feedback hopes to assimilate Bruno, Vico, Joyce, Pound and Bucky into a 'Shannon/McLuhan' oriented system of thinking, bringing our 'tale' closer to the proposed 'singularity' and post 'digital', Global Village. Where it seems the hermetic Style, and/or Hologrammic prose may have a role to play in the navigation of our spherical 'Global Village' terrain.

My concept of 'we' as this class; have also generally ascertained the principle that 'programmed' text,or 'hypertext' parallel 'hologrammic text' and 'the hermetic principle' and are of the same family. Hypertext allows the 'implicate' order of David Bohm's description, to execute itself, in some sense.

This Bohmian' 'implicate' order, seems to me the terrain of artists and poets in post digital futures, due somewhat to the 'time-space binding' processes inherent to consciousness and our projection of 'realities'. I mean to say although the 'mathematical engineers' may innovate the hardware and some software, in the case of Claude Shannon, the poets and literary engineers produce specialized 'software' that generally operate on a much broader 'operating system' not limited to English and mathematics, but a whirling 'vortex' of symbol, slang, equations--communication through metaphor--with spaces for the observers own ingenuity and the human qualities of 'everyday' hightened perceptions, orientation and intuition, like Joyce and Pound and Orson Welles.

I think Buckminster Fuller stands out as a bridge here, reaching far across many oceans, Bucky seems the perfect link between the neuro-linguistic software (his specialized language) and the 'practical application of geometry, mathematics and physics to real world scenarios' (his practical structural innovations and inventions).

This might be somewhat comparable to Claude Shannon inventing Google ltd., or Orson Welles inventing Youtube, where the innovator innovates both the hardware and software simultaneously (although in my metaphor 'hardware' (Youtube/Google) is not really hardware but an interaction between both hardware and software, the process. An interaction between the two. A process oriented 'happening' described either way.

As far as I can see, (not that far without my spectacles these days) the hermetic/hologrammic principle--viewed like a waxy-glossing for the 'tale of the tribe'--unites with Shannon and McLuhan when you consider the invention of digital computers and networks and Global Internet, somewhat Hermetic/hologrammic phenomena. Like we do? do we?

By no means a new idea, since early Dr. Leary and Dr. Wilson papers, for example, and among many science fiction writers who proposed 'esoteric' and 'Occult' forces at play behind the perceptible scenes, (secrets of the hermetic current to be significant contributing factors to the invention of the computer?) The Renaissance computer may be viewed in this context as starting with the early philosopher-mystics and cypher poets such as Giordano Bruno and John Dee, and moving through to the mathematical-wizards of the 1940's who crafted 'writing' machines and 'auto-logic' systems that make some of the major philosophical and mystical hermetic ideas of the past up to that time (1940's) and those leading deep into the future, explicit 'measurable' and 'controllable' somewhat. Cybernetics springs to mind as a largely Hermetically oriented principle of 'steering' living systems.

I think Shannon Entropy can be viewed as another perfect model of cyberspace, like Bruno's 'decentralized Omniverse' according to Paul Levinson and RAW, and David Bohm's 'Implicate/explicate' order underlying the holographic/hologrammic/hermetic Universe, in some sense, I think.

RAW often utilized a quote from Norbert Weiner that gets at the punch line, or one of them, describing the difference between good poetry and political speeches. here we find INFORMATION = SURPRISE SURPRISE = INFORMATION.

Joyce and Pound produced 'de-patterning' prose, and thousands of new artistic methods to organize and fight the forces of entropy encroaching around us, the specialization forces of civilization, as Bucky describes them, and the departure from the richness of the infinite flux of our minds resources. Time to put them together again.

Steven 'Fly Agaric 23' Pratt. Email to the Tribe. 2010/11.

Some music my friend and Vincent and I made, live, 16th October in North Amsterdam.

Some 'sample' based music I made, featuring some TTOTT characters mentioned by characters in 'Illuminatus! Trilogy. (assembled back in 2007)

How was your day?

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