September 23rd and the Coltrane Synchronicity 2010

Jehovah's Wittness:

Strangely for me, I awoke before 9 a.m, on September 23rd 2010, and started packing to leave my apartment in the East of Amsterdam, to mean, move out with all my stuff to a new apartment in the West. At 11 a.m some Jehovah's Witnesses come to my door, I invite them in, naturally, for a chat and I soon find myself launching into some softcore theological, philosophical and linguistic conversation with these two middle aged ladies.

The first older lady remained quiet, I recall that she had a rather red complexion while the other lady was darker skinned and a little younger, and born in Portugal. She liked to talk, and communicated very well, I thought.

I felt that we touched on some fantastic ideas due to the line of conversation about books 'the bible' texts, and right speech, and 'individuals' who may embody that speech, that text, and maybe a whole book, how on earth can this be so, how do we live like characters in a book?

I was pleased to say that the lady had a rather pluralistic approach, and on one occasion when discussing 'human beings' and 'spirits' she referred to the possibility of being both at the same time, that I thought was pretty cool, sitting in my front from high on cheese listening to two Jehovah's Witnesses answer my pretty far out questions.

I stated that the bible must have been translated into many languages, and therefore the difficulty's that may appear in the translation process, especially if the translated language is believed by some, to contain the 'words' of god (singular) a proposed almighty creator and ultimate infallible truth.

I made a comment that in my opinion a language thats closer to the signs and symbols and structures and 'sense' radiating from the bio-organic natural world, or processing of seasons, species, earth and stars, would therefore be closer to the 'process' of that God, or radiant characteristics, as I perceived him/her or them, and so I reasoned that 'ideogrammic and pictographic languages' are somewhat closer to God than alphabetic languages in the sense that they are built upon naturally occurring 'forms' and 'functions' found in nature, tried and evolved over millennia, perhaps aeons?

I rarely get to talk of such concepts as God and Ideogrammic Culture in this way, but found myself, due to who I was talking to, turning on some theological terms and ideas mixed into my usual Fenollosa/Pound/McLuhan/ rap. Mostly built upon ideas seeded by RAW.

(Side thought: Like mathematical 'forms and functions' alphabet seems to depend upon specific contexts and very special conditions, and basically I think that you have to be 'in the know' to grok what the feck' the symbols refer too., somewhat arbitrarily assigned, whereas every human being may quickly recognize a symbol of the moon, the sun, a tree, and the figure of a human being standing, sitting or bending over? No doubt there are many hidden variables here)

Early in the conversation, the sweet ladies did mention the 'devil'. "whoops" I thought to myself at around 11.30 a.m, what will I say now about the devil?, and it went a little something like this, but of course I'm adding a little swank here in retelling what happened, but generally I communicated my thoughts as follows and can recast them here for you folks to decide how the conversation 'really' transpired.

I contended that 'the devil' could not be person, yet, the spirit of the devil could somehow infect a person, like simply having a particularly violent or self-harming thought, but where do these 'devil spirits' come from? God, genes, stars, memes? And why do many religions personify 'Godliness and Devillyness' why attach labels and terms loaded with bias, single sight and confusion to human beings of an infinite-flux of being? a human being thjat I view as being able to 'tune into' personae or different 'personality complexes'; a myriad of radiant voices in synchrony, singing or just humming a song of oneself.

All spirits, beings and entities are out there and 'in here', in a somewhat Hermetic sense, or are available for those who wish to tune into them, to process a flux of signals. 'Tune in' to mean both dialing up your internet search engine, and to dial up your consciousness interacting processes. I didn't say that actually, I used more simple terms, but it gets at what I meant: interacting process, verb process, infinite flux of being, information processing.

I barely touched on the subject of Magick yet throughout our conversation I realized that the methodology they may really be searching for is probably found in the system of Magick, among other systems of consciousness change and navigation. The arts and sciences of direct experience. I thought of recommending 'Enochian Vision Magick' to the kind and attentive Jehovah's Witnesses but I found that our freestyle speech patterns, without quoting many sources, was not the speech/space/time to spring forth such a concept.

The space between the study of language and the study of 'spirits' where the questions of authorship and origins come up, and how to best analyze them, seems to me fully explicated in Magick, I was reminded of this while talking to the ladies, who left my apartment around midday, both smiling and happy, they gave me a great feeling of accomplishment I must confess. For them to show up on September the 23rd and have me talking of 'spirits' and 'humanity' before midday already captured my synchro-circuits, around 12:50 I started a DJ mix dedicated to John Coltrane. These early events were tame though when compared with what happened a little later the same day.


Mixed by Fly Agaric 23, two vestax turntables, 1 tascam mixer, 1 H4 recorder. Amsterdam. 1.00 p.m, Thursday 23rd September 2010 (Full Moon and Vernal Equinox)

Spiritual - John Coltrane
Come is a Verb - Lenny Bruce
The Drum Thing - John Coltrane feat. Elvin Jones
Giant Steps - John Coltrane
Rich vs. Roach - Sing, Sing, Sing
Sell Out Your Country - Lenny Bruce
Nommo - Max Roach pt.1
Interlude: Lenny Bruce/Lord Buckley
The ridiculous 'eye' and the Cosmos me - Sun Ra Arkestra
Nommo - Max Roach pt. 2
A Love Supreme - John Coltrane
April In Paris - Thelonious Monk
Equinox - John Coltrane
Its Easy To Remember - John Coltrane

(Audio will be available soon)

(I started the next piece of writing when I got home, early morning, September 24th; with some additional details edited towards the end.)

23 Coltrane

Today (I write this at 4.00 am) was significant to me for two reasons, before an odd conversation with two female Jehovah's Witnesses in my front room; I moved most but not all of my belongings out of my apartment to a new one, and two: the 23rd of September is John Coltrane's birthday who I view to be a grandmaster of spirit language along with the long list musical and cultural praises to him for his innovations to be found throughout world music after the fact of 'Coltrane'.

I and I and I have had a running 'Coltrane synchronicity' noted in dream journals, pre-internet, and gradually building up intensity over the years. Today,for me, was right up there in the highest intensity region, out there in stellar regions where planets explode gasses escape, congeal, and new forms... today was a day of great Unity, at least in my life, and I intersected with what I consider the heart of the matter at hand: Internet, revolution, cognitive liberty and 'the tale of the tribe', and Coltrane.

I started what turned out to be a 58 minute mix with two copies of 'spiritual' by Coltrane, followed by Lenny Bruce on the verb 'to come', 'The drum thing' chased by the map world of the Universe otherwise know as 'Giant Steps', next 'Max Roach' with his classic and new favorite of mine called 'Nommo' (the name of a tribe said to be from the Sirius star system), Sun Ra interrupts the bass solo in Nommo to unwind 'the ridiculous 'I' and the cosmic me' from the stylus needle point, a cut from the ArtYard/Kindred Spirit re-issued: 'Antique Black's'. Ra and Marshall Allen tear holes in spacetime and tempt us back to Nommo, switching to Art Blakey and Jo Jones drum duo (actually Buddy Rich and Max Roach) featuring Lord Buckley mixed in by the author. In jumps Thelonious Monk with 'April In Paris' followed by 'Equinox' by John Coltrane due to the fact that the Vernal equinox fell on September 23rd, 2010, that happens to be his Birthday. 'A Love Supreme' leads to the final tune in the mix, Trane's ballad 'easy to remember.

I should mention that during the recording, dedicated to and inspired by John Sinclair, he called my phone to send some good vibes from London, in fact it was during 'easy to remember'. I told John I was making a recording and he had cut into my 'live' Coltrane Synchronicity mix.

One hour after pressing stop on my recorder I was carrying boxes up and down stairs, moving apartment, a rather head-numbing experience, seeing everything in boxes and hoping my ride would not get stopped by the Police somehow and all my belongings be impounded, or some nightmare scenario like that. However all went well and I was soon on the tram heading to work at the cafe' leaving my new abode on the West side of Amsterdam.

EFFing' Craphound.

On my feet at work, I recall saying to my colleague that I did not feel like I was in my own body due to a head chocka-block with moving house stuff, for the most part but also what I viewed as the Jehovah's Coltrane Synchronicity in my mixed up swirl of thoughts, smoke and peach juice.

Around nine O'Clock things had quieted down at the cafe' after a slight surge of visitors probably due to the brief rain showers, inside the cafe' things, to mean almost everything in my reality complex, changed and changed utterly.

A figure entered the cafe' and made his way to my counter, I stood in amazement before the wonder and pinched myself. Was I in the presence of Cory Doctorow, the Effing BoingBoing craphound himself, who's work I read often, both books and articles.

"Oh, sorry" I said to the patient French couple who were waving a ten euro note in front of my nose wanting to pay for their space-cake and mixed cigarette, for a minute I thought I was inside a looped computer program. "Oh, please excuse me" I said to the couple. I felt a slight pressure on the right side of my forehead and a slight muscle twitch.

(prose experiment: Cory burst into a cluster of fairy lights darting from spectacles, he spoke and as he did the lights in the cafe' went out, the computer juke-box kicked off with a whizz bang, and the coffee-shop cat jumped up onto the counter, and purred. Minds merged and direct transmission began between beings and objects, everything became lit-up in a flash, a unity wave passed through the shop, the people and the chairs and tables merged, all things projected lights and started whirling and waltzing the dance of maya. The letters from the posters on the wall left the frames and drifted off the wall onto the floor like they were made from foam bubbles. Tiny elf chemists danced out of the floorboards and onto the tabletops, turning cigarettes into roll-out projector screens that a mouse could carry. The ashtrays began melting into intricate crystal-wheels and transparent cogs, all slowly turning against the brown and gold brass lights bringing a dawn of amber to the place. Table mats folded and shaped themselves into thousands of M.C Escher tessellation grids, maps, calendars, puzzles, origami games and yet also functional drink-mats.

The water taps unhooked themselves and re-rooted their way up and out the cafe' onto the rooftop where fresh rainwater could be gathered. I looked up and the ceiling had gone, removed by an artist, missing from the walls and replaced by a remarkable labyrinth of Escher like tessellation but in fact, on closer inspection you see a stretched map of the Universe according to Hubble, obviously due to some sensible planning between a photographic artist and tailor made printing technology. Walls, floors and ceilings became observatories, like I said, I had a sudden flash of thoughts. Somebody reached for a lightbulb and ate it like it was a peach, it dripped like a peach and the young girl seemed to be enjoying it, she developed an amber glow herself, like that of the peach after eating it, and she began beaming out peachy-amber like alabaster lights everywhere, then she fell from her stool and started reciting P.D Proudhon. "To be governed is to be watched over, inspected, spied on, directed, legislated at, regulated, docketed, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, assessed, weighed, censored, ordered about, by men who have neither the right, nor the knowledge, nor the virtue)

Today, I met the author and journalist Cory Doctorow at my workplace, and turned him onto some cutting edge social media, I held a pleasant conversation with him, who I view to be a great writer, besides his relentless defense of liberty and freedom in the digital age. I had read his book 'makers' just a half of a year ago and became inspired by said book and earlier by the work he does on behalf of EFF, humanity and beyond. A personal hero who I was not expecting to walk into my work place on Septermber 23rd and invite me his book signing and presentation on behalf of 'bits of freedom' the following evening.

I went to his book signing/reading/question and answer session, and bought a copy of his book 'For The Win'. I would now like to simply link you to some of his work, and thank him for an unforgettable 'Coltrane Synchronicity 2010" inspiring a personal Joycean-like 'Epiphany'. Cheers.



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