"I'll put in a shirt time if you'll get through your shift and between us in our shared
slaves, brace to brassiere and shouter to shunter, we'll pull off our working programme.--James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg. 446.

Within the Universe of--Illuminatus! Trilogy--Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson--developed a super-computer called FUCKUP (First Universal Cybernetic Kinetic Universal Programmer) That IMHO approximates an early prose fiction rendition of INTERNET.

FUCKUP seems to be a complex and multi-faceted "litarary device" whereby Dr. Wilson introduces some of his wide experiences and knowledge concerning the fileds of Information Theory, Cyernetics, and connectivity, (taste) the latter of which is encoded in the special 'prose fiction' attenuated for maximum communication, in a world where information = what you cannot predict and bullshit is piled up to the 12th floor.

To keep in step with the RAW sharing metaphor here, I'm thinking along the lines that it's the 'free sharing' quality of programable computers that have added so much - livingry - and 'life support' (like the jumping 'Jesus' Phenomena described by Dr. Wilson, a new jumping 'sharing' phenomena) to humanity. Sharing in harmony with the curve of exponential information doubling, the singularity thingy or the rupture? More change and more difference, more of everything. Faster and faster torrents of information, more data to make informed decisions upon.

"Nowt better than share (Mencius)
nor worse than a fixed charge." --Ezra Pound, Canto LXXXIX

Anyhow, beyond my own personal musing, I hope to root out the 'Tribe of characters and Ideas' developed by Dr. Wilson, that I feel are helpful links for a better understanding of his work and gaining deeper insight into the historical lineage of what Mark Pesce might term "hypermimesis" or 'sharing with more and more people, in less and less time more accurate data'.

FUCKUP appears to me as an early "hyperintelligence" leaking from the fictional worlds of Bob's prose fiction, into cyberland, cyberculture and beyond, like much of the fantastic work of Philip K. Dick to an extent, writing like how computers interact and program, a long time before three quarters of the population of planet earth plugged into Global Internet

"She would make the great sacrifice. Her every effort would be to share his thoughts.
And to know the share from the charge
(scala altrui)
God's eye art'ou, do not surrender perception. --Ezra Pound, Canto CXII.

"Let leash the dooves to the cooin her coynth. Hatenot havenots. Share the wealth and spoil
the weal. Peg the pound to tom the devil. My time is on draught.--James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg. 579. http://www.lycaeum.org/mv/Finnegan/viewpage.cgi?page=579

external image shannon2.jpg
external image shannon2.jpg

RAW Sharing

: Robert Anton Wilson... Top of my list of great heroes.

And he shared a wiccan-warrior vision of internet as a Global revolution, F-e-e-d-b-a-c-k Characters and equations A tale of the tribe, new conversation Language vs. The Equation. And he left us 36' books and 1000’s of articles Maps and metaphor's for future circuits Helping guide any thinking individual Compelled to continue processing The tale of the Tribe, maybelogic & RAW’s Special language equations: alphabet/ideogram Joyce/Pound Shannon/Mcluhan TV/Internet.

A RAW internetwork of his quality critters, Epic and Recyclopedic field of influence, All-at-once when Processed with the rhythm, Surprise LSD coated page-side bombs explode Turning the flatted page into hyperspace, Radiating the readers consciousness The page and – off – the page into pypa-space.

Sharing Pound’s ‘Ideogramic method’ Sharing Joyce’s ‘Hologramic Prose & Epiphany & Finnegans Wake'Sharing Bucky’s ‘Synergetics and Planetary design-science’ Sharing Shannon’s ‘Information Entropy and BITS’ Sharing Nietzsche’s ‘Eternal Return and influence upon Existentialism’ Sharing McLuhan’s ‘Global Village & The medium is the messsage' Sharing Bruno’s ‘Pantheism and Decentralized Multiverse’ Sharing Vico’s ‘New Science & Ricorso’ Sharing Orson’s ‘Cinematic Methods

Sharing Fenollosa’s ‘Chinese Written Character Poetry’ Sharing Yeats’s ‘Gyres, Symbolism & humanitarianism’ Sharing Gesell’s ‘Natural Economic Order' Sharing Popper’s ‘Open Society' Sharing Remy De Gournmont’s ‘Dissosociation of Ideas’ Sharing von Neumann’s ‘Theory of Games and Economic Behavior’ Sharing Leary’s ‘Eight Dimensional model of consciousness' Sharing Reich’s ‘Bioenergetic Force

Sharing Crowley’s ‘System of practical Magick’ Sharing Korzybski’s ‘General Semantics & English-prime’ Sharing Alfred Jarry’s ‘pataphysique’

RAW transfers a torrent of open ideas Wrapped up in cutting satire, oozing Hilaritas Sharing ideas that have shaped the 21st century, The information radiates from his gestalt-texts Although he is not here to add further clarity & feedback What he left still has the revolutionary potential - A completed circuit of a perfected (life-work) A Tale of the tribe, tied up with a Mobius Spider-silk bow-tie.

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