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ETT & EUCT: A Wikipedia of Conspiracy theories.

"What is needed now is not more information but the ability
to find and assemble useful instruction from the existing
information. -- Wes Unruh, The Art of Mimetics, pg. 81

Sound like wikileaks? EUCT by RAW was published more than a decade ago and I feel today it holds many up to date and relevant cases for conspiracies, on-going, in 2010/11. I see some themes unravelling in some of the mainstream world news media, I hope you see them too.The vatican bank under investigation, for example.

Organized religion, disorganized banking, and agonized government and antagonized Royalty, info leakism, all jostling for world domination and control, now in broad technicoloured daylight, generally just taking what they like, naming, claiming and fighting whatever they like, how they like, and continuing a perpetual war on the other 99.9 percent of the worlds population who are not part of the Global elite's hereditary gang of monopolists and extortionists.

Everything is under control: an encyclopedia of conspiracy theories. presents an encyclopedic network of historical events and historical entities that reflect one another in their intelligent cross-referncing (juxtaposition) and experimental hyper-index, that i think encourages browsing and Internet-like skimming and fast comparison of data, a perfect example of RAWs Hologramic prose and cybernetic inspired thinking.

I aim to create a collaborative wiki that follows a similar method of style and clever linking, but with emphasis on 'the tale of the tribe, although I think that the content of EUCT, that of conspiracies, should be included somewhat. I'm suggesting a possible fictional component to the project also, an adventure game narrative navigation method. Like GTA


: Create your own local database of conspiracies, true, half-true, half-false and false. Find the others and share them.


  1. 30 seals
  2. RAW360
  3. aleister crowley
  4. alfred korzybski
  5. amsterdam
  6. audio
  7. c.g jung
  8. cantos
  9. claude shannon
  10. coldcut
  11. collaborative fiction
  12. cosmic trigger
  13. coursework
  14. cybernetics
  15. decentralized and rotational
  16. dodecahedron
  17. email to the tribe
  18. ernest fenollosa
  19. erwin schroedinger
  20. eternal return
  21. ettt
  22. ezra pound
  23. f for fake
  24. finnegans wake
  25. fly agaric 23
  26. flyagaric23
  27. friederich nietzsche
  28. giambattista vico
  29. giordano bruno
  30. global village
  31. hermetic style
  32. hologramic prose
  33. hyperintelligence
  34. icosahedron
  35. ideogramic method
  36. illuminati
  37. illuminatus! trilogy
  38. internet
  39. interview
  40. jack sarfatti
  41. james joyce
  42. john coltrane
  43. john lilly
  44. john sinclair
  45. john von neumann
  46. ken campbell
  47. konnakol
  48. lull wheels
  49. lulu
  50. magick
  51. maps
  52. marshall mcluhan
  53. maybe logic
  54. maybe logic academy
  55. maybe logic quarterly
  56. nlp
  57. norbert wiener
  58. novel
  59. ontology
  60. open source history
  61. orson welles
  62. osh
  63. palm springs
  64. pentagram
  65. philip k dick
  66. planetary sociology
  67. plush
  68. poetry
  69. prophets conference
  70. r. buckminster fuller
  71. recorso
  72. redundancy of information
  73. robert anton wilson
  74. saul paul sirag
  75. schroedinger's cat trilogy
  76. screenplay
  77. sex
  78. sixty
  79. steve fly
  80. steven pratt
  81. syllabic pyramid
  82. synchronicity
  83. tailors
  84. tales
  85. teachings
  86. television
  87. terence mckenna
  88. tetrad of media effects
  89. textation
  90. the tale of the tribe
  91. timothy leary
  92. tribetable
  93. ttott
  94. turntable method
  95. ulysses
  96. wikileaks
  97. wilhelm reich
  98. william butler yeats
  99. william s burroughs
  100. youtube