Raw 360 activity space details 2.0


(updated June 2013. Please visit www.raw360.net )

A unique set of 'activity spaces' for re:viewing RAW's work, presenting mixed media with a ‘look’ ‘zoom’ and ‘click’ navigation system. 'Workshops' or 'activity spaces', each visually hand crafted by a the comprehensive international artist for that exquisite 'hand made' finish.

Each 'activity space' is engineered with the help of steve-fly to expand upon ‘principles’ and ‘methods’ that RAW was influenced by; stemming from his unfinished work: The tale of the tribe (TTOTT).

The names for each 360 space have been simplified into 3 families (Street, Arcade, Science) so as to begin to visualize a global ‘raw village’.

The 12 activity spaces will be stylized according to their ‘theme’ in a number of ways, a mixture of hand drawn, 3D modelled and photographed layers will help evoke the ‘context’ and ‘aesthetic’ for each innovative ‘tool’ room. The ‘Zoom’ function in combination with detailed ‘images’, for example, can produce new ways to look deeper, literally, and discover more from each of RAW’s worlds and the ‘links’ between them.

We view the interconnecting ‘spaces’ as a very early core operating system to RAW internet, or one goal of crafting a self-contained ‘ RAW multimedia engine? 'spaces' where fruits from the RAW ‘engine’ are creatively mixed/viewed by the user, an information processor and a scientific rawriented laboratory together at once, and something capable of accepting other RAW multimedia.

All Images by CHU

Brief description of each 'activity space' 2011

Operating System:
The OS space is designed to be a codex to the 12 spaces and RAW's ‘the tale of the tribe’ illustrating explicitly the links between each 360 space, for example: its architect (Marshall McLuhan) its period (1980) its corresponding RAW space (Jukebox) etc. The structure of the RAW VILLAGE OS will be based on fly’s work at ([[@|ettt. wikispaces . com]])

Street section

RAW Book covers, illustrations, strips, and snaps possibly presented with the stylized impression of ‘traditional Japanese and Chinese 'like' landscapes’ that RAW admired and surrounded himself with at his home (Visualize rivers, mountains, clouds, trees, flowers, birds, insects, petals etc.) (Ernest Fenollosa)
HOTSPOTS: Bird's nest in roof, skylight, mice, cat (hidden grow room) window glass glare, ants, cockroach, revolving doors, baloons.

RAW texts, RAW recommended texts and reading lists. RAW quotes, RAW thoughts of the month, TTOTT section,. A 360 glossing of an antique library, possibly fusing elements from a number of famous library interiors. (Visualize spiral staircases, large leather bound books, desks with pen and paper, brass vaults, glass presentation box’s, model globe, telescope, microscope etc.) (Friederich Nietzsche)
HOTSPOTS: bookmice, insects: BOOKWORM (hole), flies, bees, wasps, ants, CAT's, Rollerdeck, pages blowing from ROOF-FAN, revolving doors. (secret vault), tree's and foliage in wind.

Short select phrases from RAW and characters from TTOTT laid out in a 360 environment built to resemble a butchers shop, with a focus on various cutting tools and ‘letter, word, phrase’ butchery. (Visualize Apron, Chopping block, knife, hooks, freezer, scissors, kidneys, word-sausage,) (James Joyce) (Alfred Korzybski) (Possible integration with anagram engine, ‘cut-up engine’ and ‘synonym engine’?)
HOTSPOTS: Dog, flies in blue-light fly-catcher, cockroach-trap, mouse-trap, swaying meat-words on hooks, brass meat-slicer, roof FANS, door opening, mince word-meat, word-sausagemaker, sandwich table, (Secret meat locker, with freezer vapour.)

A 360 environment depicting both a courthouse and a bathroom. A space where the heretics of the tribe face each other (literally as hexagon panels upon the sixty space) and present mixed media presentations to their prosecutors and detractors, and to the critics gathered inside the sphere. Presented in the spirit of RAW’s book ‘Wilhelm Reich in Hell’ (Visualize scales, jury box, hammer, wig, balcony, video/text exhibits) (Ezra Pound)
HOTSPOTS: Rats, cats, dogs, cockroaches, ants, flies, ostrich, baboon, cheecky-monkeys, ass-mule, sly-fox, hyiena, elephant (in pyjamas), FANS and SKYLIGHT, birds nesting in roof, typist, jailers keys jangle, hermetic-scales.

Arcade section

Depicting the moment of innovation in the 1940’s when ‘bit theory’ was born, simultaneously, with ‘information theory’ maybe a ‘low res looking 8-bit green on black background’ and a 360 space resembling a 1940’s computer laboratory (visualize valves, ticker-tape, gauges, meters, disks, plugs, wires, switch board, junction boxes, and hidden laptop?) (Claude Shannon and Norbert Weiner)

Video Cinema
RAW sound-bites, lectures, interviews and cameos, presented in a 360 space reflecting ‘film studios’ labyrinth (Visualize lights, boom microphones, sound effects band, moveable ‘walls’, camera, text prompt, tape cutting) (Orson Welles)
HOTSPOTS: (FILM STUDIO EQUIPMENT) nesting hawks, Octopus 'eye', tape eel, ribbon snake, spider spinning film, fl;ies, ants, bees, cockroach, slugs and snails.

The music audio room will present RAW audio, TTOTT audio, and ‘music songs’ (Ninja) in a DJ environment. A 360 of a turntable oriented studio space (Visualize, turntables, mixer, headphones, disks, styluses, cutting lathe, speakers, wires) (Marshall McLuhan)
HOTSPOTS: (TURNTABLE SET-UP) Speakers, mixer, turntables, water skater, hornet, wasp, bee, woodpecker, cat-claws.

**Play (Game)**
This space is dedicated to a narrative adventure game, with narratives running on longitude and latitude lines around the surface of the 360, utilizing clickable ‘portals’ to other spaces and pages. The 360. (Visualize mountains, paths, valleys, rivers, lakes, roads, seas, tunnels, caves, bridges, airports) (William Butler Yeats)
HOTSPOTS: (Totally alien terrain!)

Science Section

The cosmological astro Stellarium is a space dedicated to outerspace exploration and the ‘decentralized’ Universe, as seen from the perspective of the 360 space, possibly a skymap (Visualize telescope, optics, Zodiac creatures, observatory architecture) (Giordano Bruno)
HOTSPOTS: dung (scarab beatle), owl's nest, fire-flies, glow-worms, (CREATURES OF THE ZODIAC. i.e Dolphin, crab, ) dragonfly

360 of a Map makers workshop. Presenting various mappings of ‘things’ with a specific focus on Bucky Fuller’s ‘geodesics’ and ‘dymaxion geometry’ ) the geometrical design basis for each 360 flash 'activity space' for example, is a nod to the 'Buckminsterfullerene' otherwise known as C60, or carbon 60: a combination of pentagons and hexagons in the memorable pattern you see on a classic soccer ball! (Visualize, soccer ball, globe, compass, lamp, pen, paper, models) (Buckminster Fuller)
HOTSPOTS: Spiders, termites, Cats, dymaxion maps, map making tools, globe, social statistical maps, compass, star-charts, Migrating birds, hexagons, pentagons, flowers, longtitude lattitude circumfrence, ocean floors, mountain ranges, volcanoes, Wind turbines,

A calendar laboratory space that shows several different calendars and ‘intersection points’ from RAW’s article ‘How to live eleven days in 24 hours’ intersecting 18th September 1994. Possibly 360 of a watch makers studio? (Visualize cogs, springs, gyres, star charts, globe, model solar system, ashtray). (Giambattista Vico)
HOTSPOTS: (CREATURES OF CALENDARS: i.e MAYAN). Hour glass, arrows of time, river of time, clockfaces, sun dial, pendulum, CHronometer, stne henge, Cheops pyramid, tiny watch tools, map of processional cycles, (Illuminatus time-line) CHU melting clocks.



Aries: Nietzsche

Taurus: Bruno

Gemmini: Joyce

Cancer: Fenollosa

Leo: Orson Welles

Virgo: McLuhan

Libra: Pound

Scorpio: Shannon

Sagittarius: Korzybski

Capricorn: Yeats

Aquarius: Bucky

Pices: Vico








(An overview of TTOTT synthesis in the age of web 2.0)

Over the last ten years, in the company of a sleepless band of independent researchers, I have been tuned onto special information processing of The Tale Of The Tribe (TTOTT) developed exclusively by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007)

Today in July 2011 we embark on a whole new way of communicating some parts of RAWs 'Tale of the tribe' by introducing new ways of seeing and new ways of navigating 'information processing spaces' spaces that reflect the architects that RAW highlights in his TTOTT foundation of innovators.

The multi-sensory experience of interacting with the new 'info-process tools' and embedded media, ploughs the language for the appropriate message. I walk in the footsteps of those writers whom wish to show delight in the limitations and boundaries of the textual art form. Visit any major writers website and be confronted with audio, video, texts and hyperlinks, the sum total of which, I feel, often overshadows the individual textual medium by which they communicate? (a moving picture with surround sound of master Dali' painting, for example, may exceed the attension span of most domesticated primates who 'see' his static painting).

A new synthesis has emerged amidst the convergence of information technology, social networking and the will to share, and what we are doing with the PANORAWMA project is making a new synthesis explicit and demonstrable by example. Look and see, click and watch, read, listen process. I feel that in 2011/12 we can build special 'information processing tools' that are designed to interact with a special individuals 'programming' and 'programmers' and what better place to build a foundation other than that started by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson?

Together the 'programming' (that maybe defined as the principles and methodologies distilled from the works of RAW) and the 'programmers' (in this special case scenario the dozen or so characters from RAWs TTOTT) produce a remarkable comprehensive super-computer: an operating system that includes the unique mixture of innovations that we get from study of the tale of the tribe, a new global epic including history.

RAWs TTOTT condenses a lifetime's study into what I, and many other scholar activists consider the most important and critical 'information skills' to help world-around humanity, 'make it together' and explore mind, earth, space (inner/outer) and each other in harmony and with plenty of laughter.

Dr. Wilson read and processed each of the characters in his tale of the tribe over a period of approx' sixty years. 60 years developing a taoist modernist method of processing these characters and their works, and hundreds more, with a balanced progressive species of suspended judgement, multi-valued logic, poetic surprise principles and cybernetic mathematical terrorism.

RAW exhibited a beautifully appropriate 21st century 'programme' of humanitarian information processing with a witty creative edge long long ago, really back in the day, and helped define lawyer run capitalism, banking syndicates and secret societies, simultaneously with 'quantum psychology' and 'the eight circuit model of consciousness' with the likes of Dr. Timothy Leary, effectively tooling up the counter-culture. He places the reader in the driving seat, better informed, and full of wonder.

RAW refused to step down or stop striking his hilarious and precise body-mind blows at the greedy and corrupt mummerjumpers who block and sabatage innovation, free-trade (in its proper sense), and art-run humanism from breaking out across planet earth in a matter of months.

I think that the least we can do might consist of correlating some of his favorite innovators and humanitarian artists into a RAW universe, (PANORAWMA: a place that reflects RAW through the people he expressly named running together in a rogue gang, a sleepless krewe consisting of magicians, historians, writers, poets, film makers, linguists, media theorists, design scientists, comedians, heretics, all raving together in a big soup, engineered into cyberspace by the greatest living web 2.0 geniuses and visionary artists actively building the PANORAMA right here, everywhere and nowhere at once.
The new 360 degree panorawma spaces are an opportunity for synthesis between the characters from RAWs TToTT, a synthesis between the innovations and principles they contributed to the collective human knowledge base (2011).

The precise and equalibrius writing of RAW naturally provides such a synthesis, and his books and articles remain testament to this comprehensive wholism as deployed through the medium of literature. The PANORAWMA project reflects the process of making a movie in comparrison with writing a book. We are building an interactive Universe where activities and events take place through multi-media synthesis: video, image, text, audio, game play.

In my opinion the key to building a harmonious Universe lies in the inter-connectivity between all of its parts, and the tale of the tribe by RAW seems to have been developed to exploit this inter-connectivity, where any of the charcters can be processed and permutated with any other to produce meaningful and complimentary mixtures. The art of mixing and of juxtaposition, however, often requires a very special touch, a rhythm and timing and sense for improvisation, to then travel the posible pathways, the choices, and analyse the path of least resistance, or that which resolves the immediate sense of opposing forces. Enter the poet, enter the painter, enter the photographer, enter the programmer, creating together to balance the equation: language vs. The equation.

--Steven James Pratt, June 2011.