The tale of the tribe as a RAW AI study program

"SIMON MOON WAS the Hairiest Cosmologist since Einstein; he had adopted the hippie “Jesus Christ” look in the ’60s and had never seen any rea­son to change it. By 1984 he bore a distinct resemblance to a Saskwatch but his employers at Health, Education, and Welfare tolerated that because he was the only computer scientist in the coun­try who really understood GWB-666, the giant Al system that had become the fourth, and most powerful, branch of the government.--Robert Anton Wilson, Dirty Socks and Denture Breath.

I think it’s important to note here that the MLA was born in 2004, a few years before other cutting edge and on-line learning academy’s and institutions such as The singularity Institute, Evolver Institute and a growing number of other alternative learning environments that have really took off, so to speak, generating interest and innovation.

To draw a parallel here, Dr Robert Anton Wilson stands next to Ray Kurzweil (founder of the Singularity University/Institute and Director of Google), as our founder at the MLA. I often sit and wonder about BOB’s tale of the tribe and its probable importance for many fields of academic study, still lying still and dormant, sizzling underground.

Taking matters into my own hands and pushing the boat out almost beyond sight, I have created a rough outline and open invitation to begin at least a new discussion about RAW in the context of Artificial General Intelligence. My approach to AI is based on the finite characteristics of RAW and his interests. The algorithms and computational technology interest me, but not as much as the content under calculation, in this case the idea worlds and teachings of RAW. The perfect teaching tool for creating intelligence, artificial or non-artificial both!

I want to push the concept of the new raw360 environment forward a few imaginary steps, and predict new ways in which the user experience can be maximized to include real time activity (feedback) in various areas of RAW related studies.

One goal in my mind, is to build an intelligent feedback agent of a RAW character, multiple interactions with something approaching a RAW A.I: or should I say, a series of computer programs working together programed to respond to stimulus (questions) in a manner reminiscent of RAW (acknowledged by many leading thinkers as one of the most eloquent, witty and erudite speakers on some of the most diverse of subjects) and therefore, a great gauge and challenge for any convincing A.I.

Another point of interest with embarking on an imaginary RAW A.I project is the amount of published material, interviews, resources and sources from him, and from his mass of noted influences: literary, scientific, aesthetic, critical, linguistic, cultural. He always went to great lengths in his writings to keep up a strong semantic hygiene and informal RAW prose, always careful to include meticulous notes and references.

RAW’s fiction would create a possible visual adjunct to the other species of RAW A.I: a knowledge engine and speech generator, whereby parts of his fictions can be intelligently interpreted by a program, which in turn sends out intelligent bots to trawl for existing images, video, audio and narrative free and available on the web, and then present them in a unique ‘self-assembling’ RAW themed. movie mosaic.

RAWs existing screenplays such as Wilhelm Reich in Hell, Reality is what you can get away with, provide existing information databases to build an intelligent ‘search and compile’ algorithm. The later of these books was created in a special ‘cut & paste’ style, and seems perfect for experimental RAW multimedia content.

This process sounds like uploading a hodge-podge RAW mind, or, stuffing a database with RAW data and then hitting the compute button to get an approximate response. This can be both an entertaining gimmick, and/or a cutting edge research experiment in moral, ethical and humanitarian studies of A.I. based on RAW’s humanistic communications. His virtual ‘group mind’.

Additionally, it is my contention that RAW’s last and unfinished work: the tale of the tribe, gives us a very good cross section of inputs for a RAW ‘TTOTT’ A.I. An finite number of individuals in history, and the infinite influence and impact they and their innovations have had on global communications, and the general advancement of all-around-the-world-humanity.

"The set collapsed. Carpenters wheeled the walls back to the prop de­partment; the actors walked off, light­ing cigarettes, removing make-up, chat­ting. Bored technicians dismantled the solar system.-- Robert Anton Wilson, Dirty Socks and Denture Breath.

Planet of the apes quotes.gif


Buckies Dymaxion architecture and Tensigrity structures + C60
Shannon’s BIT theory
Weiner’s Cybernetics
Crowley’s Practical Magick
Reich’s Orgone accumulation, cosmic superimposition
Jack Sarfatti’s ‘star-bit Cosmological principle’
John C Lilly’s programing and metaprogramming
Korzybski’s semantic programing
John Von Neuman’s game theory and maybe logic
Alan Watts and Zen philosophy
H.P Lovecrafts Horror Science Fiction
Girodano Bruno’s decentralized practical magic
Marshal McLuhan’s Mosaic approach and Tetrad
Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance
Orson Welles’imagistic video fiction
R.U Sirius’s transhumanism
Mark Pesce’s VRML and hyper-connected digiverse
Lon Milo Duquette’s initiation
Tom Robbins hyper-real prose fiction
Jack Parsons alchemy
David Bohm’s holography implicate/explicate orders
Schroedinger’s wave/particle duality physics
Hamilton’s Hamiltonians ‘quaternions’
Murray Gellman’s Quarks
Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way Teachings, harmonic sequences
Timothy Leary’s SMILE scenario
Paul Krassner’s Political Satire

Shannon noisy channel coding.png


Wilson: Laws of accelaeration. Trajectories. Quantum Psychology. MaybeLogic.
(The art of Godmanship, Masks of the Illuminati, Illuminatus! Trilogy, Schroedinger’s Cat.)

Welles: Visual. Scenario Universe. Cognitive pictures. Cinema-poetic

Shannon: exponential information doubling. Shannon limit. (Beckenstein bound)
(Mathematical theory of communication)

Norbert Weiner: Cybernetics. Human machine interface.

Buckminster Fuller: Nano-geometry. Geodesics. Global systems.
(Critical path, operating manual for spaceship earth)

Pound: Poetic program language. Ideogramic method. Trans-historical study.
(The Cantos, Machine Art)

Joyce: Finnegans Wake ‘nat’ language as hyper-intelligent prose. Internally consistent.
(Ulsses, Finnegans Wake)

McLuhan: Global Village. Digitali impact on society, communications, learning, technology.
(Understanding Media, The mechanical bride)

Korzybski: Semantic web. Non-aristotelian programming language.
(Science and Sanity, Manhood of Humanity)

Giordano Bruno: Decentralized model of cyberspace (Levinson)
(The book of shadows, 30 seals)

Nietzsche: The self, actions, the unconscious, self and other, existential philosophy. NLP.


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