email to the tribe: (an open source investigation into the tale of the tribe by Steve fly)

Welcome to 'email to the tribe' wikispace: a growing collection of multimedia dedicated to the course I recently led in conjunction with the Maybelogic Academyinvestigating some parts to 'the tale of the tribe' as defined by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson.

The tale of the tribe, to my mind, if successful, captures 'illuminating details' from human history and culture and 'juxtaposes' them in special ways using special language, wisdom language and art, hereby defined as hologrammic prose, the hermetic style, Ideogrammic method, synergetics, magick, and information theory.

Dr.Robert Anton Wilson's use of the term 'tale of the tribe', in the context of his life's work and study, casts light upon the architects of post-modern 'cyber-culture', re-imagining the European renaissance and some of the illuminating characters that helped map out a decentralized, hyper-connected, 'future present', and those in resonance with the information explosion known as the Global Internet.

I will share my own interpretations of 'the tale of the tribe' through multimedia feedback on primarily James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Giordano Bruno, Marshall Mcluhan, 'Bucky'Fuller, and Dr. Wilson himself. Email to the tribe (wikispaces) will reprocess the communications from the classes to produce new maps, new metaphors, and mold new memes that help forward a 'the tale of the tribe' for the new decade.

Each wiki-page will consist of a menu of mixed multimedia, including some exclusive RAW interviews, book excerpts, and special guest contributions. (depending upon who wishes to contribute either a page, by joining the wiki-group, or simply posting in the comments section)

I hope this open laboratory will expand and connect flight minded individuals, love
--Steve fly agaric 23 Pratt

tale of the tribe


Steve Fly

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[email to the tribe is a part of three new classes from the Maybe Logic Academy hosted by Bobby Campbell, Gabriel Kennedy (Propanon) and myself. I hope that some material from these classes can join forces at a later date]