without pip center/ever changing cyclic world/Brunocentral
gods hero's and men/recycling through the ages/recorsi vico

eternal return/the gods Nietzsche left us here/beyond either or
oak branching forces/ideogramic method/Fenollosa trees
spatial symbolist/weasel fight in a chamber/before the war Yeats
Ezra made it new/cantos brewing history/juxtaposition
Joyce cracked the cypher/hologramic comedy/to make Einstein cry
word is not the thing/no such noun only see verbs/motion in the thingzskis

...went in for structure/geodesic dymaxy/futurz Fullerene

Boolean Logic/and electrical switches/bit twinned by Shannon

turn on tune in drop/Joyce in digital village/Ez save McLuhan

Orson at hawk's well/cinema collage life force/fake filter buster

--Steve fly agaric 23.